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  • NY or Neapolitan with pineapple?

  • All of this,

    3 in our house (well 4 if you count the microwave in the interests of balance)

    2 ovens with Steam functionality & 1 pure Steam Oven.

    Meat is cooked in 1 with the temp probe, potato’s in the other and the veg in the steam oven. Means the hob is left clear and the island is covered in snacks when we have people round.

  • Self cleaning Pyro mode on our products is 460°C

  • hoover recs? not corded or heavy, we have too many stairs for that

  • Annoyingly a Dyson is good... but the Miele handheld is also good.

  • We're replacing a >5 year old Dyson V6 which has recently become garbage, battery doesnt last a full house, motor smells like burning when doing our carpets, and it gets blocked every few minutes on carpet/rugs so you have to unblock it with a skewer constantly

  • Then one of these:­-vacuum-cleaners-1268048-c

    I bought my Dyson before this was available (but the reviews were already out and great)... I kinda wished I bought one of these. It's next up when my Dyson dies.

  • Assuming you've cleaned or replaced the two removal filters, and changed the battery?

    Our V6 battery became shite and would just stop due to lack of power on occasion, bought a replacement larger capacity OEM battery, which came with replacement filters, gave it a deep clean, and it works pretty much better than new.

    We got a new V11 which is excellent, and designed better, but still have the V6 as a spare.

  • I've got a Vax Blade 4 Pet which is great, keeps our house dust and dog/cat hair free. Got it as a bundle with a mini wet -vac thing. It's really powerful and lightweight so easy to use on stairs etc. Downsides are that it feels a bit plasticky, it fills up fairly quickly and the battery life is pretty bad, especially if you have it on the ultra powerful setting with the rotating brush. It works for us because our house is so small that you can hoover the whole thing in about 10 mins but might be an issue if you've got a bigger place.

  • Does anyone have or recommend a good passata making machine ?

    Looks like I'm going to have a massive crop of tomatoes this year .

  • For my education… how does that differ from a blender?

  • It takes the seeds and skins out.

  • Wow - didn’t know such a thing existed (or at least surprised it does at domestic level)

  • They do - little plastic things that stick on the counter but I am looking for something a bit more robust like this ...­s/hobby-use-tabletop-electric-tomato-pre­sses-c-1109_1362.html

  • Bought the Miele dishwasher. Delivered by a Miele guy in his van. Helped drag it up to my house and install it (didn't tick that box). It's premium and stuff comes out super clean.
    Pleased i spent the cash on it, so far.

  • Which model? I'm prevaricating / putting it off so I can afford flooring In the rest of the house.


    Obviously not a long term review. But I've always had cheap dishwashers and I'm really surprised by the difference. Door closure, tray rollers etc. Just works.

  • Excellent thanks. I'll be getting the equivalent integrated once funds allow.

  • The KitchenAid mixer juicer attachment does that.

    tl;dr get a kitchenaid mixer with all the addons

  • I would have too, but it was 1300 EUR V 950. Wasn't worth it to us.

  • Thanks

    I think I'll get all the strapons.

  • New kitchen time, trying to choose an induction hob with downdraft extraction. Given my experiences and what others say I'm really keen on physical controls (less lag, not impacted by wet hands) but there don't seem to be a lot of options:

    1. Bora Professional
    2. Gaggenau Flex 400 (looks like Gaggenau have a few options)
    3. Neff N70 (but the reviews on their website are shocking, citing long-term durability)

    Anyone have any other suggestions? I'd rather not spend £5-6k on an induction hob/extractor

  • Neff N70 (but the reviews on their website a shocking, citing long-term durability)

    the Neff is a bit of a faff. partner has one. it's a magnetic disc that you use to select which burner and then spin for up/down power. but half the time it doesn't seem to be in the right place to register selecting a burner so it takes a few goes to get right. you also get the same amount of lag on waiting for the dial to register as you do the rest of the touch controls.
    I'm not that impressed

  • The Gaggenau 400 side mounted illuminated dials are super cool.

    Mega bucks though.

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Kitchen appliances chat

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