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  • Yeah, my train of thought also. Plus, I'm losing the will to live looking at the same appliance but with different brands on it.

  • I paid stupid money for a 30cm half width Neff induction hob (small kitchen and you are not allowed a hob right up to a unit or wall on the sides and going full width meant losing a built in under counter freezer) but it really like it and would buy a bigger one again, this model could take more juice if you had the amps and would sense the load (maybe thats marketing crap?))

    the only alternative was half the price but low power and looked old fashioned (silver)

    would never buy Bosch again though, the built in oven/microwave is far too noisy with vibrating fan buzz and while the main oven is fine the same model in my partners place had a faulty rotary knob on delivery and they took weeks to fix it.

  • I have this one (or if not the exact model, almost identical).

    It's good. Lots of power on every burner, good fine control, buttons work well, works with small pans and the bridge function is useful.

    Downsides are that it will switch off after 20 seconds if you get the buttons wet (need to be properly wet, not just a bit damp) or put something metal on them. It's not a huge issue though and I think most will do something similar.

    Main thing that bugs me is that using it with big pans gives quite uneven heating. I have a 28cm chef's pan and if you're using it then there's clear cooler spots where it's outside of the burner. I think this is generally an issue though and I have one of these­soned-Rectangular-Reversible-Griddle/dp/­B002CMLTXG?th=1 which I use across two bridged zones to get consistent heat.

  • I have one of these­soned-Rectangular-Reversible-Griddle/dp/­B002CMLTXG?th=1 which I use across two bridged zones to get consistent heat.

    I presume it works ok even though the metal isn't touching the glass? I had seen these before but they're quite a bit more expensive than the Lodge

  • Yes. Gets hot enough to sear a steak with the hob not on its highest setting. They don't mind if things are a bit higher.

  • Bit saddened by how short lived and unreliable induction hobs seem to be from the storied here.

    Was looking forward to an upgrade at some point, but they're sounding more like another disposable product.

  • One of the Kiwi based forumengers is a designer at F&P. We have one of their extractors. Nicely designed piece of kit.

  • Probably because it's becoming more of a commodity now like microwaves.

  • When you say 'not allowed a hob right up to a unit' - what do you mean?

    We're planning:

    sink unit, bin unit, other unit, oven, other unit and then the hob sits on top of the oven.

    There are no high/wall/counter top units nearby. There will be an extractor a suitable distance above. The oven is 60cm. The hob we're looking at is 59cm. Is that not allowed?

  • Something along these lines:

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  • I thought that was more for gas hobs. Naked flames close to a wall or upright etc not being sensible. Less so for an induction hob, but did see somewhere that >50mm is still preferred. But above an oven fine I think, just not hard up against a wall/another cupboard

    ^pic I think is fine. if the end of the worktop was the wall and the hob was right up to it then less good

  • you need 30cm from a side wall or panel, guess it’s to allow for handles to reach outside perimeter of hob and for fire safety.
    I don’t think you are allowed flammable upstand behind either.

    that pic is fine as long as tiles/stone/ceramic/glass behind the hob

  • Cool, thank you. Yep, nothing high. All counter level stuff on that section and counter is stone as are upturns

  • I bought the John Lewis branded version and it's been great so far.

    Can't remember the reason. Probably the longer warranty.
    Would probably consider the AEG now as it appears to have more power levels 14 instead of 9.
    Really like that all four "burners" have the same power so can easily move items around and just set the same level.

  • Any recommendations for a one or two point portable induction hob? There's a chance we'll be without a hob for a month or more so could do with something. Ideally reliable, nice looking as I can use it as a prop for video stuff. But don't want to spend £££££ if possible. Sub 100 would be great. Sub 200 would be ok. If there's something magical for 250 I'd consider it.

  • I have a couple of the IKEA ones that I've been using for far longer than I expected (about 9 months so far)
    They're good.
    They're great for £39.­rtable-induction-hob-1-zone-white-704935­03/

  • Thanks - actually they look really solid and also useful for bigger meals to stash away in a cupboard.

  • I keep meaning to buy one for camping trips. Better than a massive propane tank for sure.
    Was never sure on the quality.

  • Worth having I reckon

    The only slightly annoying bit is I think sometimes on low setting then it actually does on/off of a higher one.
    So 400W might be alternating 800W/0W for example rather than a steady 400W.

    But then I think some cheap microwaves do the same. And it’s fairly quick on/off so you don’t really notice it.

  • It's pretty common for most cooking appliances, microwaves particularly to run power fully on-off to give you a percentage (bang bang control) as opposed to PID control which would run the element / wave generator at a duty cycle

  • My first foray into induction while we wait for the proper one to get installed in a couple of weeks.

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  • Coil whine on a dishwasher. Is that a thing. Just switched it on and it's like tinnitus. Not sure whether it's coming from the connection/electrics or the appliance itself. How would I diagnose and what could feasibly be done about it?

  • Not strictly kitchen, but I am in the market for an air purifier. Needs to handle quite a big living room and connected dining room. Main focus is combating smoke from the wood fire and other nasties. I was looking at the dyson combined fan and filter thing, seems expensive but maybe it’s worth it?

  • Have been looking too and was drawn towards the Dyson ones for looks and hot/cold fan functionality. They don't tend to do well in tests as a purifier though (Which and Wirecutter). The Top Which picks are Electriq EAP500HC and Blueair Classic 605. I don't mind the look of the Xiaomi effort but no idea how good it is!

  • Any microwave that is not LG or Panasonic will be on / off, as they won't have an inverter - Panasonic own the patent, and LG are the only licensee.

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Kitchen appliances chat

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