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  • Any recommendations for a milk jazzer?

    One of those little milk kettles that can warm and froth up milks

  • Lavazza milk frother has lasted a decent length of time for us, 3+ years.

  • So we have a fisher & paykel fancy fridge that we got second hand. It has a water dispenser and needs a new filter cartridge - is there a forum approved water filter for this sort of thing or should we be thinking about whole house filtration.

    Don't really want to be spending mega-bucks though

  • First-world problem moan:
    Why can’t ‘door opens at end of cycle’ be a default option to filter by when looking for dishwashers online?!

  • Can someone recommend a decent compact food processor/blenders I guess I want around. 1l capacity?

  • I need a dishwasher but am hoping to get the kitchen re-done in the next year or so… is it mad to order an integrated and chuck a random door front on it until we get round to that?

    I feel it will confuse all the main appliance companies who will charge more for installation, how easy is it to do that all myself?

  • We've got one of these. When the filter light came on I just turned the warning light off. That was years ago.

  • The filter cartridges are not that expensive.

    We have a water filter (bestmax xl) for the coffee machine, fridge and one tap for filtered water. It also softens the bastard hard water we have here. One cartridge for that lasts a year - we don’t use the full filtering capacity over a year but they need replacing in case of bacterial build up.

  • I don’t understand the question, but no, not mad. Just remember to keep the drilling guide / template. It’s pretty easy if you follow the instructions. It’ll need to be wound up tight under a worktop though or it’ll tip forward every time you open the door.

  • Yer Lidl has 6l Tower brand stainless pressure cookers for £30 that are usually £45-ish

  • Having potential regret /pre-remorse coming from a range cooker but I'm going down to a 60cm induction hob in the new kitchen for reasons of space. I don't plan on replacing it for 5+ years. What should I get?

    I'm reading downsides like uneven heating etc.

    Also being unable to move the pan easily which may take some unlearning. Though I've seen AEG have something called a Powerslide?

  • Is it worth getting a Which membership before looking for new white goods (new house, so need nearly everything, possibly new boiler too)?

    Disclaimer: always going to be looking at the low-to-mid tier stuff

  • I did for peace of mind. Found it pretty overwhelming to otherwise narrow down what was going to be the best use of a fair whack of money. It’s nice to be able to set a budget and see what tested better from an independent source for any given feature set.

  • Yes, though there are approx. different codes and versions or different years, so finding the exact model may be tricky.

    I used it as a guide, to work out which brands tend to be best at a midrange price. (I.e not Miele).

    Settled on LG/Samsung for washing machine tumble dryer, Bosch mid/high tier dishwasher. 5 year warranty on those also, + 10 year motor warranty.

  • Our kitchen going in hopefully next March but our dishwasher broke....

    Bought an integrated one, random door from b and q for a fiver and fitted it into the space. Needed some ingenuity with cable ties to stop it tipping forward but does the job :)

  • Yes. I’m a fan of how the F&P stuff looks.
    It’s also one of the few induction hobs with a 5 year warranty.

    I was looking to pair one of these in domino fashion with their work burner, but didn’t quite have the space.

  • I have this one, the smart zone is really good in my opinion.

  • So I've gone with Neff oven/hob as I found a decent voucher. Wondering whether there's much in getting the same brand dishwasher or does it not matter much? The only slimline dishwasher I can see available from them is this one: NEFF N50 S975HKX20G which is about 550 quid. Thoughts?

  • No real financial reason to if you're not getting some bulk purchase deal (i.e. buy 6 appliances and the cheapest is free and the others all get a 20% discount).

    But you may find you just prefer a matching finish across all appliances if they're not integrated. i.e. the brushed stainless steel effect might differ across vendors. But you gave the code for an integrated, so you can pretty much choose whatever you want.

  • Thanks. Only got a couple of appliances in kitchen atm (washing machine is in utility room, fridge is currently in the hallway but good call on getting one to match the oven when i eventually move it) and dishwasher will be integrated/hidden. I'll probably still Neff it but the electrician has dropped out this morning so will pause it for the time being until I can sort a replacement.

  • In need of a new induction hob (60cm wide). Had gas in previous property, but new place has induction which is hit and miss at the moment and showing signs of it's age.

    Looking at around the £500 mark. Any recommendations?

  • I've been eyeing up this - but not yet signed up for Which? to make sure there's not a better (and cheaper... would rather spend a good bit less) option.­-59cm-maxisense-induction-hob-black/p362­9410

  • Oooo looks good - only recently become aware of this brand to be honest, longer guarantee is definitely nice to have, especially if they're good with customer service as reported elsewhere.

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Kitchen appliances chat

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