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  • This is useful as it means you don't end up boiling two or three times each time you wander off to do something else.

    Also descaling is a 5 minute job every 3 months. Slop in a heap of citric acid and boil the kettle. Leave for 10 minutes. Rinse.

  • I wouldn’t wander off and do something else if I had a boiling stovetop kettle running by itself…

  • It'd be great if it made a noise once sufficient steam pressure had built up inside.

  • Mine has a shrill whistle which announces the arrival of steam.

  • My general kettle use is boiling water for cooking so it doesn't really matter if it's not just boiled.

  • I love my Ecovacs, purchased on a Black Friday/Prime day deal. We went for one with radar built in so it can make multiple maps of each floor of our home. It is really good for the price. I just set it on a schedule to clean downstairs every Thursday, and then every other week also carry it upstairs to clean there too. You have to remember to pick stuff off the floor on a Wednesday night, but that's become part of the routine now.

    Our model is capable of mopping as well. It's a nice-to-have feature, but definitely not essential - we rarely use it compared to just vacuum.

  • Two kids, no choice.

  • A decent induction hob will have timers for each heating area so you could set it to full blast for 90 seconds.

  • I don't think I could cope with a kettle that in space year 2021 can still burn its user if they absentmindedly touch the lid or the any other bit of it that isn't the handle. Like that spawn on the devil Dualit thing. My parents had one and my god I wanted to smash it to bits every time I had the misfortune to use it. It was also slow compared to our Delonghi.

  • I have timers, what I was pointing out is that a stove top kettle is unlikely to stop you from having to reboil water, if you keep having to reboil an electric one.

    Has the potential of being messier and more hassle as well.

  • How about a well insulated electric kettle with a keep hot function?

    I don’t think I’d get a stove top kettle as it would be too much of a novelty to the young kids. Boiling water making a fun whistling noise at face height? No thank you.

  • I've got a Dualit, it looks good, it's quick, and I've never burnt myself, but my major gripe with it is, it's louder than the space shuttle taking off.

  • I don’t think I’d get a stove top kettle

    I don't think I've got that much patience.

  • I thought you were worried about leaving it to boil dry

  • I still use an electric kettle.

    I have underestimated the induction’s speed and have had things boil over quite a few times.
    Normally when I’m distracted by kids in distress or precarious situations.

  • Stop boiling the kids, they will be less distressed that way.

    Once you have a feel for how long a full or half kettle takes to boil you can set the timer accordingly.

  • Entering the kettle chat I've got this Bosch model. Has temp control and keep warm functions. Fast boiling. Reasonably quiet. Never burnt myself. Recommended.­b-sky-1-7l-kettle-black/p3228625#product­

  • recommendations for stove top kettles

    Serafino Zani

    Not a billionaire though

    Ours has lasted 20 years so far, which is a lot of pots of tea.

  • I have a Sage smart kettle.
    It’s excellent.

  • I’ll take that under advisement. But how else do you get them clean?

    I don’t really see the advantage of using a potentially more messy, dangerous stove top kettle, when a good electric kettle is excellent?

    Also I want water at 80 degrees (non black teas) , 90 degrees (v60, aeropress coffee), 100 degrees for various drinks and cooking so a stove top kettle that gets to boiling only is no use to me.

  • Fair enough. But these weren’t the considerations you brought to the table previously. I totally understand the desire for a kettle which you can set to a specific temperature.

    I quite like not having a kettle cluttering the side in my kitchen - but have an espresso machine I use for hot water instead 🤣🤣🤣

    As a member of the C of E (Church of Euthanasia) I haven’t procreated so don’t have the problem of mini-me disease vectors in my house.

  • Surely the kettle is cluttering the hob no, and you need to move it if using the whole hob to cook?

  • To each their own, but I hated electric kettles.

    I want boiling water not "hot", the whistle is a good reminder it's time to brew up etc ... And if I'm away from the kitchen it's usually to deal with a fight.

    My primary age kids were bored with it after the first whistle and have never shown an interest in playing near the hob because we taught them that it can be dangerous. We had more risky situations with the electric kettle being grabbed.

  • Kettle is a long neck for pour over so is generally stored with the v60 and all the other coffee stuff.

    Tend to get boiling water from the coffee machine or heat a pan on the hob as it’ll be a pan of water that is needed so no point in heating a kettle to fill a pan.

  • Each to their own I guess! 😀

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Kitchen appliances chat

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