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  • Just got the newer Shark, which is great, but not what I would call small. They do a tiny looking one, but the voltage is quite small so not sure how good it is.

  • Thanks for the recco.

    We have a battery Bosch one but it's too rough for a newly acquired Moroccan rug. After a bit of fiddling I can just pull out the spinning brush bit and tape over the gap. Delighted to avoid buying more battery powered plastic.

  • Can we talk microwaves?

    We haven't had one for years, but with kids on the way I gather we will wish we did. They seem to do a lot of things now - are the ones with ovens/ grills any good? Can one replace our toaster (DJ's comment RE using a pan aside) but retain the ease? And can it look nice?

    Do you love yours?

    This Sage looks nice

    This Panasonic makes a lot of promises and has a good review but looks awful

  • Got one of these about 10 months ago and its been great. That being said, I was also happy with the cheap manual timer one we had before. I guess it depends how much microwave cooking you'll do!

  • I would have preferred this one because knobs > buttons, but the NN-CT57JMBPQ was on offer.

  • I think I have pretty much the same one as hamrack­t55jwbpq-27l-slimline-combination-microw­ave-oven-white/p3519273

    Having an oven as well as a microwave is occasionally really useful. Also means you don't have to pre-heat the big oven to cook just a few things in the oven. The grill isn't much cop though.

  • yeah i believe we need fully integrated, our current one also has a 'sliding hinge' which seems to be an option on a handful, but not sure if thats something we 'have' to get? very confusing

  • I believe a sliding hinge means the door front slides up when you open it, which sort of moves it away from the skirting. Chance is that if you get a model without a sliding hinge you'll have to saw off a piece of the bottom of the door.

  • I guess it depends how much microwave cooking you'll do!

    See, I'm heaving my head turned by promises of steaming or air frying and all the extras, when quick heating of milk and frozen stuff is the no1 use case. @aggi yeah I figured it likely wouldn't, so what are the chances of something with even more promise not being a disappointment, especially if its footprint is greater.

  • I’m in the market for a new microwave too.
    My most important requirement is a flatbed because I am fed up with the rotating plate coming off the rails.

  • We got the combi because (at the time) we were living with an AGA and wanted an oven for the summer. It was pretty good for that and the grill actually worked reasonably well if you did it as a combi cook. The instructions had lots of info on how to cook different items and was actually really useful.

    I expect it'll be a mediocre steamer and a mediocre air fryer (I haven't tried it), but could be an interesting experiment.

  • A few presents attached

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  • The grill is OK when used with the oven or microwave, just not by itself.

    Cooking roasts I find the extra oven is useful, can stick the veg in there with meat and potatoes in the oven. Also when you have two wildly different temperatures. Works perfectly fine as an oven.

  • We have this one­t46kbbpq-microwave-black/p4135104

    It's a 1000W inverter beast of a machine (and a Which Best Buy, iirc).

    I was somewhat cynical of the smart sensor functions (having used the same microwave for the past 20 years), but it is amazing at reheating leftovers that have been frozen / fridged, and does a good job of defrosting.

    Generally, for kitchen appliances (and everything else, to be fair), I'd always go single purpose.

    And, for microwaves, you need to buy Panasonic or LG, as they are the only brands that have inverters. And if you don't have an inverter, you objectively have a shitty microwave.

  • Are you replacing an ikea dishwasher because you have ikea cabinets etc?

    If so, this is what you need to put an Ikea front onto (in my case) a Bosch integrated dishwasher and have it slide properly without chopping bits of the door off.­-sliding-hinge-fully-int-dishwasher-6049­2349/

  • And if you don't have an inverter, you objectively have a shitty microwave.

    Yes read that, it makes some sense. Thanks for recommending yours. @hamrack I actually have a sub to which, I didn’t even think to look.

    @aggi that’s a great use case. We roast and bake a lot so that would really be helpful

    Thanks guys

  • Are they easy enough to fit? Our kitchen fitters bodged a fix when installing our kitchen (didn't know about this at the time!) but it's imperfect and annoys me every time

  • Anyone with a siemens oven know what is going on with our display?

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  • Yeah, was easy enough, certainly well within the realms of DIY

  • Nice. I'll be ordering that then!

  • yeah! i think we already have this attached to the door so maybe just as simple as moving it over to the new dishwasher?


    Expensive and fiddly to fit but definitely works with non ikea dishwashers.

  • But why would you buy that if IKEA offer a cheaper solution?

  • This thread has served me well I the past and here I am again!

    This time I'm steering the chat back to induction hobs, I want to get rid of the cooker hood so I'm looking at induction hobs with integrated extraction. I know there's loads written about these but has anyone got one they can give real world feedback on.

    Sub £2k budget so not domino hobs money.

  • Bora basic induction think these are 2800€
    Elica nikolatesla
    Neff n70

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Kitchen appliances chat

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