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  • When I researched them quite a few people have lost or broken the magnetic knob - so much so there are other people making cheaper neff hob knobs. This pushed me toward the n90 plus I think it is more powerful.

  • We have two ovens side by side. Both steam, but one is pyrolitic self cleaning and can go to a slightly higher temp, the other has a silicon gasket and can be used for cooking sous vide.

    We made a deliberate decision not to have the ovens under the hob and are very happy with this as it means under the hob is a large drawer with utensils, and below that a huge pan drawer with an internal shallower drawer for lids and frying pans.

  • Definitely not going oven under - that space is gonna be hooning great drawers. (Drawers FTW!). Question is whether to stack the two ovens above on another in a separate unit (one at eye level, one below) or next to each (both at eye level). I'd be most interested to hear from someone who went with the stacked option as that has more unknowns for me; the pros/cons of side-by-side are clearer to me.

  • I can imagine that happening, yes. But, bad touchscreens are a great way to make me rage, so I guess the question is how clunky the touchscreen/interface are...

  • Touch screen is pretty fucking awesome. I was anxious as our previous hob was ceramic with completely unresponsive controls which were touch operated.

    The induction hob touchscreen is similar quality to a modern smart phone and works similarly well.

  • Not quite the same but we have oven and microwave/oven thing stacked (was like this when we bought the house. Personally I don't love this - neither of them lines up well with anything else and when the kitchen is redone we will be having two side by side. A similar setup to @dancing james by the sound of it.

  • We have stacked proving drawer, oven and combi-microwave thing, put in by the previous owners. The microwave is too high for my 5' wife to really be able to use safely. If/when we replace the kitchen if go side by side.

  • Which steam pyro oven do you have?

  • Miele plumbed in steam oven, worth the investment?

  • My neff ones aren’t plumbed in and it isn’t difficult filling the reservoir. How do they compare to the neffs price wise? I’d always go for a steam oven, so it’s just how much more is having it plumbed in?

  • £3-4K more for the Miele vs neff

  • If you are buying a full steam oven, rather than a steam assist oven, i would go plumbed in.

    If you intend on doing any volume of full steam cooking, having a plumbed in drain is a no brainer.

  • Ok, I was a bit perplexed by steam pyro, but steam assist pyro makes sense.

  • The Miele and Gaggenau steam combo ovens seem to be ludicrously expensive, but also have cool features that I would like to play with.
    Both the above come in tank and plumbed options.

    I found a second hand Miele steam oven that needs plumbing in, which seems an affordable price compared to RRP for their steam ovens.

    The Neff ovens were a consideration, do they do variable moisture levels? I know they do full steam and vario steam.
    Also have other cool things like wifi connectivity etc.

  • A few months after we did our kitchen neff added wifi but we can’t upgrade to this, but I’d use if I had it. The ovens have low medium and high steam levels.

    On high it takes about 45 mins to empty the water tank.

  • Thanks, I think I would be pretty happy with the dual oven situation you have, but we also need a microwave.
    Also I'm a bit of a matchy matchy type of person, so I'm not sure how I'd get on with non matching brand ovens.

  • I think I am going to get a mismatching set of 3 ovens, hotpoint 38cm microwave grill, Miele steam combi compact oven, AEG pyrolytic compact oven, all stacked in 1 unit.

    All silver and black, hopefully won’t annoy me too much in aesthetics.

    Should find out the damage for the Gaggenau domino hobs and extractor tomorrow, I fully expect to need to scale down the spending.

    Anyone had any experience with Luxair extractor fans?

  • any recommendation for a kettle that can be set to different temperatures...getting tired of waiting 30min every time I make milk for the baby...

  • How accurate do you need the temperature?
    I like my Sage smart kettle, it does 80, 85, 90, 95, 100.

    I think the principle with boiling water and leaving it to cool is to kill any bacteria though.

    I have used a beer jacket from the freezer to cool water for baby milk before.

    I have lots of friends who have sworn by the Tommee Tippee Prefect Prep machine.
    Worth it to save you 30m-1h of sleep a night.

  • Who said previously that microwave rice cookers work well?

    What a load of fucking bollocks.

    Picked up the best rated one on Amazon to use while we don’t have a kitchen (extension going on).

    Starchy rice water all over the microwave, rice isn’t cooked properly. Either not cooked enough or a soggy mess.

    Followed the instructions that it came with, as well as different method online.

    I’m digging the rice cooker out of storage.

  • User error.

  • This may very well be the case, its also possible that my current microwave is not very reliable/too powerful.

    Same issue with porridge, it erupts, unless I keep a very keen eye on it.

  • Who said previously that microwave rice cookers work well?

    poor people

  • Having had the Sage, and a Bosch one, the Bosch hands down.

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Kitchen appliances chat

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