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  • Yes. I have something like that in my kitchen (came with the house). Also two bins, I think 64l. We have a normal drawer above it. The bins are useful, I'd spec one if I was putting in a new kitchen. We use the front one for general black bag waste and the back one for recycling (no need for further sorting where we are).

  • I’ve got something similar but not by wesco.

    It’s bloody brilliant.

  • Got one with 3 bins in it. 1 is for compost, the other two we keep for dry recycling. As round here they collect plastic and metal together one bin is dedicated to them, glass and paper go in the third one as they are easy to separate come bin night. Under a sink we have a fourth bin for landfill. Separating early makes recycling much less of a chore.

  • 90cm range cooker recommendations?

  • Don’t. Get a 90cm induction hob and two ovens

  • Yes, I have the Hafele ones. Bit awkward to install but very useful once they're fitted.

  • Haven't converted to the idea of induction hobs yet.

    Also have very nice, very posh tin lined copper pans that I use occasionally.
    And a coveted large hammered steel wok with round bottom.

  • Gas hob? I really like the Fisher & Paykel one we have

    We also had a great Smeg one in our old flat, although the large single oven took a while to get up to temp

  • Yes gas hob.
    Something like this:­eg-90cm-Dual-Fuel-Range-Cooker.html

    2 compartments, and a storage shelf (I think) to store baking trays and never used pizza stones.

  • I bought this one. Probably wouldn't buy it again. Would want something digital temp in future.

  • That's similar to the one we had but had a large single cavity and a different design door with a smaller pane of glass.

    We have an F&P 90cm range now with an induction top as we don't have gas in the house any more

  • I would very much like digital temp, but can’t find many models that offer it?

  • With a Gas or Electric oven?

  • Electric oven, no one uses gas ovens these days do they?

  • We still make full Gas ranges, I think they are exclusively for the US market though under the DCS brand.

    In which case all the F&P mixed fuel ranges are electronically controlled, as far as oven temperature is concerned.

    I’m sure Miele and AEG have a similar one?

  • I've just moved from a gas hob to an induction and it's so much better than I thought it would be.

  • Yeah, I've got a 3 bin one, do you want to buy it? It fits in a cupboard.

  • Yes, potentially - what brand/model is it so i can check dimensions? Guessing a 600mm cupboard?

  • We bought the 110cm version at the end of last year.

    It's been great so far, the ovens heat up very quickly and it cleans up really well.

    Digital temp is nice but it feels like the temperature control in these ovens is pretty accurate so I haven't had any problems.

    Having two ovens is massive luxury and I love it.

  • Will have a look for you when I get home. It's got three buckets but has only ever been used for dry mixed recycling.

    I'm pretty sure it's 600mm

  • Having recently fitted one of these you also want to check the depth (front-to-back). I ended up having to chop a bit out of the back of my cupboard as the runners were slightly too long. I can only assume that the units I have had a slightly larger than average void in them.

  • Fitted that Quooker system last week, not the hardest thing in the world but a bit of fuckin about.

    Also took about half an hour to get it fully up and running it’s a bit complex until you get the hang of it.

    Quite big and she lost half the cupboard but hey ho

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  • I had this model, was great didn't miss a beat in 4 years and sold it for £350 as part of the house sale

  • It's just under 600mm deep by 160 wide and fits under a 400 high shelf.

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  • hah, cool cat - knows how to use a tape measure better than me.

    I think i'd be after the bins that come out with a drawer front as we don't have deep enough cupboards - but thanks though!

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Kitchen appliances chat

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