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  • What inductions hobs & ovens are people buying these days?

  • The Bosch series 8 stuff looks nice, but that's £4.5k for two oven, hob and extractor.

    Is that just how much stuff costs these days?

  • Recently bought Samsung appliances. Very happy with the oven and induction hob. The oven has a dual cook function which is handy. The hood is a bit too loud though. Changed from gas hob to induction and haven't missed it.

  • I've got AEG hob and Bosch oven. Hob was, I guess, mid-level and oven probably cheaper end. Seems fine.

    When I was getting the hob a year or so ago (to replace a shit low-end ceramic jobba) it was very much a matter of working out what was in stock, loads of stuff was unavailable.

  • Is that just how much stuff costs these days?

    Yes if youre buying the top level 8 Series Bosch stuff. Their mid-high Series 6 stuff is still really good. We've had a set of that delivered and I honestly couldn't fault it, feels and looks quality (it's still expensive) with 90% of the function of the 8 Series stuff.

  • To expand on this I'm still waiting on a Neff induction hob ordered back in August last year FFS.

  • I do wonder if warehouse staff are using their staff discounts to buy stuff as it comes in and then post it on eBay and make some extra cash.

  • The one we had that broke was this model. It had plenty of room, the freezer section was smaller than the fridge but you can have the two bottom sections as freezers if you want. The option to choose the "third" bit as a fridge or freezer is good if your needs change.

    The version Samsung has given as a warranty replacement is this one MASSIVE overkill, I'd never pay that for a fridge.

    It's got quite a lot of storage, here's a photo I took last night after it was delivered:

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  • inductions hobs

    Given how many people seem to smash theirs I can't help but feel that these should be viewed as consumables. So it's probably best to stick with what ever the cheapest "good enough" option is that you're happy to spend every 2-5yrs.

    Or look into some sort of warranty insurance package that covers it.

  • We recently re-did our kitchen & bought a midrange AEG oven (was about £450) and we've been happy with it, looks decent & has some nice cooking features.

    We got everything different brands via sales though so we kept the prices down - Miele extractor (v quiet and super powerful), Neff hob (gas so no good for you). The only expensive thing was the Bosch fridge as we wanted the bigger size which was difficult to get hold of and we missed it in the sale so had to pay full price.

  • I saw those ones - How the hell do they cost 3 times the price of the American style fridge with pretty much the same spec?

    I'm also tempted by the Bespoke range - basically two fridge freezers (or combo thereof) side-by-side.

    There's no image showing, by the way.

  • Good point on the series 6 - I see very little reason not to get the s6 ovens over the s8 versions.

    The s8 hob has the edge still, I think.

  • Everyone is going to recommend what they have. Few people will have direct comparisons.

    Ovens, unless you need/want steam or a particular fancy feature go cheapish. They are basically a heating element with a clock.

    Induction the really cheap stuff didn't have the finesse in control for me (indesit or Hotpoint from memory) I have a John Lewis branded AEG but neff etc.. are all good.

    Look for your features, do you want 4 equal powered burners or one super burner? Combine zones for a plancha? Etc... And buy what has those features.

    We mixed brands for everything
    Miele oven and combi microwave
    John Lewis induction
    Neff extractor (vented, would have liked one that linked to the hob but already had the hob)
    LG fridge, love this, it's massive and all the space is usable, plumbed ice and water, 635L of storage I think.

  • Fixed the image, sorry!

    No idea where they pulled that price from, crazy money for what it is. The screen only works for lots of things if you also have a Samsung phone, you can only screen mirror via Smarthings. I'd be annoyed if I'd paid for it.

  • I went for

    Smeg 90cm single gas wok burner / 4 x induction hob (I think this type are discontinued now)
    Second hand Gaggenau oven and steam oven
    Luxair 90cm cooker hood

    Instant Air-fryer
    Second hand flatbed Panasonic microwave
    Second hand Samsung heat pump tumble dryer
    LG direct drive washing machine
    AEG built in fridge freezer
    Beko fridge freezer in the garage

  • So much to choose from! Thanks all.

  • Has anyone replaced the heating element in a fan oven? It looks pretty straightforward and a £20 part so keen to avoid the £95 labour if possible.

  • Yes, a few times. It's pretty easy.

    Ones I've done have just been push fit. No soldering required.

  • Yep, screwdrivers and a soldering iron needed, and I needed to pull the oven out to access the back, but straightforward.

  • Went for Miele oven and induction hob.

    Everyone who had induction seemed really happy with it and we tested some out at the Miele showroom I also read some studies on the impact of cooking with gas in the home.

    We wanted a zoneless induction and one which was flush fit because I don’t like the metal trimmed ones

  • Kettles then used abused fastest and most environmentally friendly electric jobbies.
    Whats best at the moment ?

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Kitchen appliances chat

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