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  • Following on from the talk about rice cookers and the like in the Home Owners thread. I was wandering if anyone has an opinion on air fryers. I like the idea of making some decent chips without a load of oil but I'm not sure if they'll actually come out different from just shoving the oven on max.

  • if anyone has an opinion on air fryers

    Can you cook rice in them?

  • >Can you cook rice in them?

    Fried rice obviously.

  • We have had a cheap one for a few years, one with a paddle that rotates, we are looking to replace it, as it’s coming to the end of life. Looking at the ninja one, but wondering if it is worth going up to the Foodi for extra functionality.

  • We got an air fryer a couple of months ago and it's banging! Chips come out better than in the oven and are way quicker. We've chucked all sorts in there in the name of experimentation and had good results. Would recommend.

  • Any chance you'd tried cauliflower and broccoli? I'm on a tahini veg thing at the moment

  • Have done cauliflower a couple of times and it comes out nicely! I've not tried broccoli (despite eating a lot of broccoli) but can give it a go and report back.
    I don't know if you're in to tofu but that's particularly good in there.

  • The Ninja air fryer is a game changer, im getting one as soon as I have space. Ive tried a couple of cheaper ones and they were mince and my mate got one and its so good.

  • What do you like about it? They keep being suggested and I am thinking a pressure cooker could be useful so am interested in how well they function as an air fryer.

  • Everything I’ve had at his house out it is great, Fried chicken - class, chips - class. It seems easy to clean too and he raves about it all the time now and uses it on a ton of stuff. My only issue is it’s a bit big but he’s got a big house so not as much an issue for him

  • After the Joseph #40kcontainer chat in the golf thread I thought I'd get some containers.

    Went for these:­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_BPB8Y038Y6BHXY5EW­W88?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

    The containers are decent. On some you could give a firm pull to get the lids off when locked, but none are falling off. Stacking is great, but also pouring is so much fucking raiser. Plus if there is something you scoop it's a million times quicker.

    The only thing that surprised me is how tight some of the space is (or how efficient the OG bags are. For eg I've got fusilli in the medium container that has farfalle pictured and it won't quite take a 500g bag.

    The other minor is these ones down come in other bundle options like the Chefspath brand ones. This means if you want them all to match exactly you're limited to this selection.

    Great to have a safe space as an outlet for insanely boring chat like this. My wife immediately shuts it down.

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  • An element has died in my cheap crap non-fan oven. I can replace it easily enough or I can use it as an excuse to get a brand new whizzbang fan oven. Will I notice the difference, food wise?

    It mostly gets used for supermarket processed junk and oven chips. No actual baking.

  • I've recently moved into a place with a new oven. Things now actually cook in the time it says they should at the temperature they should and they come out crispy and stuff.

  • On the cordless hoover chat, what is the recommended Shark model? There seem to be a few pretty similar ones.

  • fan ovens have been a thing for a long time, I didn't think it was possible to still buy non-fan ones.

  • They sell them so that landlords and flat-flippers have something to fill the oven-shaped hole in the estate agent photos, which is how I have one.

  • I had an old oven that the element blew in, it was not hard to change myself (actual mechanical idiot)
    Then later the fan blew, and I replaced that too.
    (might actually be getting the order wrong, but i replaced both and am still not dead)

    Having gone from a non-fan to a fan oven, there was an improvement from the new (fan) oven, but that was probably due it not being ancient more than the addition of a fan.

    Can't imagine price being a massive difference, so get a fan one.

  • Can't imagine price being a massive difference, so get a fan one.

    I've already pulled the old element out, so it's £17 for a new one vs £250+ for a whole new oven.

    I use it enough that I don't mind paying, but only if there's some tangible benefit.

  • Sorry, I meant if you buy a new oven, fan vs non-fan would be similarly priced.
    New parts are cheap as.

  • Controversial inclusion in this thread, I know, but any kitchen bin recommendations? Our touch sensor thingy broke after a year and a half... is it worth paying Brabantia money?

  • Also interested in the air-fryer chat. My question is, can they do decent Falafel?

    I said just yesterday that I would never buy an appliance called a 'Ninja Foodi Max'. I may have to eat my delicious air-fried words.

  • I went through this and spent a ridiculous amount of time checking out different versions. In the end I went with the model below. I got it on black Friday and I had a 20 quid voucher so it was 100 quid off what it is now but it's bloody brilliant. Pisses all over the corded Dyson it replaced, 2 batteries means I never worry about running out and the fact you can flex it to get under furniture is really handy. The included attachments are really good as well, the only negative is that there's no where to clip the attachments but that doesn't really bother me.­-anti-hair-wrap-pet-cordless-vacuum-clea­ner-with-dual-battery/p4907919

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Kitchen appliances chat

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