LFGSS CC Zwift Rides

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  • I'll be up for trying to keep up

    Phil Rooney. I think there's 2 of us but I'll be the UK one

  • Nice one. I’ve just followed

  • Cheers, are you going to be doing keep together? I'm definitely not as strong as you :)

  • I'd be up for this, a bit of extra volume on Wednesday mornings could be good.
    Steady z2 with a few shorts bursts (5-20s) would work well for me and should easy enough to keep everyone riding together but I have some short threshold intervals planned for later and so doing those in the morning would also work.
    Whatever works with everyone else.

  • I’d also be up for trying to keep up and would make a nice variation in turbo time

    I’m Luke Golding over on Zwift

  • My original aim was to try to replicate the old Regents Park hour of power, so people can jump on the train for a lap or part of and if you drop just pick it up again when it passes. How that’ll work in the virtual world I have no idea and suspect it’ll take a couple of weeks/tweeks to iron things out. But part of that challenge is trying to hang on for as long as the effort is ‘on’, so for that reason I’m going to start off with the ride as a Race Results rather than Stay Together.

    In terms of course, my initial thought was Tempus, just because it’s pan flat. I will do some research though to see if there’s a better option though.

  • If you put your Zwift name in this thread I’ll add you.

  • Sounds painful

  • Followed

  • Cheers. First attempt at a zwift meet-up, assuming I just have to hang around on Zwift companion at 8 tomorrow and it’ll teleport me in?

    Your Z2 sounds a lot like my Z3/4 so I’m sure this will be motivational

  • assuming I just have to hang around on Zwift companion at 8 tomorrow and it’ll teleport me in?

    Yes, it acts just like any event.

    Let’s see who turns up in the morning and we can discuss a plan as we get legs moving.

  • I’ve followed you @TTM

  • Your Z2 sounds a lot like my Z3/4 so I’m sure this will be motivational


    assuming I just have to hang around on Zwift companion at 8 tomorrow and it’ll teleport me in?

    I think you can click "join" on your invite before hand, then 5 minutes or so before it starts, jump into a normal free roam world and it'll give you a button to push to join the meetup once you're sat on the virtual tarmac

  • Great, so I’ve got everyone’s zwift names now except @Goyt

    I’ll sort the meet-up in an hour to give them time to add their name if they’d like.

    See you at 8am

  • Sorry, its ... The weather in the NW is looking good for tomorrow so will pass on this one but look forward to riding with you all soon.

  • No worries, enjoy your ride

  • Can't make it tomorrow, but I'd be keen for this in future weeks @TTM

  • Ha yeah the team time trial is a bit complex.

    Your team captain usually tells you what to do though. So, download discord app, get invited to group - that makes communication during race easy and its set to only turn on the mic when you talk so you don't just hear trainers and fans.

    Team captain then tells you which event to join, and how to set up a Zwiftpower account, and how you add your team tag to your name. You don't need to worry about what grade to enter - the team captain checks all the grades of the riders based on their figures and enters correct event. If an ungraded rider puts out mega watts the team automatically gets upgraded after the event.

    The only difficult bits are:

    • At the start, when the event starts you have to sit and wait for your team captain to tell you to go (s/he is timing the start so you go at your alloted time in real life)

    • During the race, drafting each other in a line is optimal, so you need to communicate a bit. It's best to ride at a pace all riders can maintain with stronger riders doing longer turns, just like in real life. Its waaaaaay harder than in real life though...

    My team were really keen but then one by one couldn't make it after 3-4 races so I'd be keen to get another team going and I'd happily manage all these pesky logistics, as long as there are 4 keen riders of any ability who will commit to doing things like setting up a zwiftpower account and not being a dick and riding off in to the sunset as soon as the banner drops.

    It makes otherwise-boring zwift a bit more interesting on Thursday evenings!

  • Great. Will shout next time

  • Ok I could be down for this. Laptop or iPad phone what’s best for it?

  • I'd say laptop, with Zwift companion app on phone. Ipad works great too if your laptop isn't up to it

  • Would be up for this next week.

    Just had four months off though so I'm pretty crap right now.

    Zwift name is Nick the Horn (CSG)

  • If you mean you'd be up for TTT, that'd be sweet. Your figures from four months ago are solid A territory. Yes I stalked you on ZP.

  • Also can you breakdown the A B etc categories

  • Lol.

    Yeah I'd happily do a TTT once I get back into the swing of things.

    Not sure about solid A, I won a few B races and was on the cusp of being bumped up automatically on Zwift Power.

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LFGSS CC Zwift Rides

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