LFGSS CC Zwift Rides

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  • Wasn't sure whether to post in LFGSSCC or Rides and Races.

    Shall we get some regular meetups going?
    I don't ride on the trainer as much as I want to be and having some others to join would probably help.

    Just fire some suggestions and we can decide what's best.

    Weekday mornings?

    Also use this thread to discuss one time meet ups and perhaps joining races as a forum team

  • I’ll happily join. Weekday mornings work for me

  • Tuesday Mornings?

  • I’ve never zwifted could be persuaded. I’ve been plodding round getting tiles since the end of HC season 😬

  • If anyone wants to create a TTT team I'm game.

  • How many do we need?

  • Four. Only three need to finish. But the more the better up to 8.

    I've raced with three before and it's fine but hard to get a solid time.

  • I’ve never raced but if an extra body helps, I could be persuaded

  • Subbed.
    About a month off getting a bike together I think.

  • Does a new kickr come with a zwift trial?

  • Don’t think so, they’re now linked to Sufferfest. Or Suf. or whatever they’re calling themselves.
    Think zwift is linked to tacx?

  • What sorta power or power to weight we looking at? Do we need mics?
    Sorry new to Zwift and would be signing up kinda for this

  • I’m probably going to ride Zwift on Wednesday morning since the weathers going to be crap.
    Anyone fancy it?
    Mid week slackers Zwift?

  • Communication is via discord. The WTRL TTT is a bit of a hack workaround so there's a real process to getting the start right - half the fun.

    Teams can be mixed ability and graded accordingly. The main thing is working together well. If there's an A rider then probably put them on the front for long turns but not pushing threshold for drafting B/C/D riders in the team.

    It's fun but so popular now that sometimes the wait in the start pen can be very long, over 10 minutes.

    If team was new and couldn't check their Zwiftpower results, I'd say a reccy ride as a group would be almost essential.

  • Ok so I’m very basic terms can you elaborate on what those things mean!?
    I’ve only ever used trainer road

  • I’ve also not done any turbo or an FTP test since the summer 🤣😫

  • 4 w/kg minimum for about an hour?

  • I dunno. I don't think that's something I want to think about.

  • Who’d be up for a Wednesday morning HOP at 8am tomorrow?

    Thinking maybe the Tempus Fugit course as it’s pan flat, using the Fuego Flats Reverse Sprint on each lap as the effort (approx 9-10 mins) and the rest at z2.

    If interested drop your zwift name here and I’ll create a meet-up (need to follow in zwift to do that).

  • By HOP what W/KG are we talking?
    (just seen Z2- perfect- am in- needs to be a pre-[home]gym warm-up)

  • I’m easy. Originally I was thinking z2, with a 9-10 min effort each lap at about 4-4.5 W/kg, but if people would rather a purely steady z2 ride that’s fine. That’s about 3-3.5 for me

  • Hmm wondering if my connection is going to be an issue. I’ll do some Trainer Road and then see where we are.

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LFGSS CC Zwift Rides

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