LFGSS Music Makering Challenge

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  • Sounds good to me. I'll nab those details off you if something comes together before the 5th!

  • Ha! Thanks man.

  • This is great! Glad more people are joining in too. I’ll hit you up for the details once I start making something.

    I don’t/can’t sing so I’ll somehow have to interpret food in musical form? Maybe I’ll sample a song with food in the title and/or lyrics? I’m liking the challenge!

  • I should have highlighted before we got started that I'm actually without a recording setup at the moment after my interface (€56 Apogee One from eBay that never actually worked properly without the aid of a number of hair ties and careful positioning) broke a few weeks ago but I've taken delivery of an Apogee Duet Firewire (€100) to replace it and once a few adaptors arrive, hopefully in today's post, I'll be back in action...

    Anyway, I'd love to see everyone's at home recording setups and what gear you use so feel free to post a picture and a gear list!

  • Like I mentioned I don't have a recording set up at the moment. This month I was hoping to get something out of Cubasis 3 on my phone, so far it's been interesting relearning how to sequence and use a DAW again, still nothing of merit tho. I'm hoping this challenge will push me to get a home setup established. Anyway here's a pic of music stuff at home aim of the game would be put a computer somewhere and a mic, there is a casio cdp230r piano, fender something acoustic, djembe+percussion, academy 403 trombone (old rusty) mbox 2, records. Also kids instruments!

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  • Keen on joining in on this, really bad at finishing songs so hopefully this will give me the motivation. Got a few bits and pieces at home.

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  • Lovely (and oddly similar in a parallel universe type vibe) setups there! Weird kids instruments and "world"(what an odd term when you think about it because it's local percussion somewhere) percussion are an absolute blast and I really need to start gathering some as I go!

    Mail tracking says my last adaptor required will arrive on Monday and I'll put my bits and pieces together for a shot then!

  • I don’t/can’t sing

    The finishing of my piece involves recording the vocals which is a problem as I have WFH neighbours left , right and above and they are in all day every day.
    I'm reluctant to let rip in case someone calls the police 🤭
    Looking for a solution ...

  • I've got a couple of those children's percussion kits which come in a backpack that you can never pack everything back in "for the kids" which have some fun bits and often buy "them" little musical presents; ocarina, melodica, marimba, one of those little Korg ribbon synths and a few drums. My eldest is 12 this year, might see if I can get a pass to buy him a volca unit haha

    Meanwhile, I have a chord sequence! And I've spent too long already making some little sprinkles to add on top. On top of what? Dunno!

  • If I actually do any singing I plan to do mine in the middle of a field at 6am pre-dawn chorus. Backing track from the phone and record to minidisk. But seeing my lack of confidence and lack of lyrics I might end up with an Essex-Arab Strap spoken track which I can do from home which and inevitably get cut up and processed to be unrecognisable.

  • Sing in a sexy and breathy whisper?
    Mumble rap?

    If you use either of these techniques, I want a writers credit! 😜

  • middle of a field at 6am

    Hmmm - I have an allotment and shed 🤔

    Could try the phone backing track to iPad then get home and sync it up somehow on the DAW.

  • Sing in a sexy and breathy whisper

    Ha - thats what I have at the moment.

  • At the start of the backing track have a square wave "Beep", hold the backing track earphones to the mic to record the beep. When you import, zoom in and sync the beep as best as you can. As its just vocals you don't need to be precise as there is nothing else to cause any phasing through being a few m/s misaligned

  • 12 days to go, how's everyone looking?
    I've had a manic 10 days so not progressed beyond ideas and have 1 line of lyric to tie in a food reference

  • Song complete but more vocal attempts needed then I can roll it in glitter 😶

  • I haven't even started yet, the adaptor I needed for my new interface only showed up late last week and didn't get a chance over the weekend so I'm going to be slightly under pressure...

    Fingers crossed I'll get something together in time though :)

  • I’ve done the classic of making a few different loops I like but can’t quite develop them further? I’m hoping something will click in place this week. Either way I’ll submit something.

  • In case anyone is searching for lyrical inspiration, there's a great twitter thread with meal scenes from books: https://twitter.com/frankcottrell_b/stat­us/1364286596250533897

    So many good references in there to chuck into a song.

  • Think I cracked it tonight?!
    As I can’t/won’t sing, I settled on using a dusty drum sample from ‘Sweet Pea’ by Tommy Roe and a little vocal chop from ‘Grits Ain’t Groceries’ by Little Milton.
    Does that get a pass?
    Honestly you don’t want to hear me sing!

  • I uploaded my song last night.

    It was a bit cringe having to chose a genre for the song... I chose TripHop?! I don’t think it’s triphop but its definitely not Hip Hop and its definitely not alternative rock? Please don’t judge me.

    Looking forward to hearing the rest!

  • I uploaded my song last night.

    It was a bit cringe having to chose a genre for the song... I chose TripHop?! I don’t think it’s triphop but its definitely not Hip Hop and its definitely not alternative rock? Please don’t judge me.

    Looking forward to hearing the rest!

  • I'm gonna give them all a listen on New Release FRIYAY :)

  • Am still hoping to submit something, I've not had much time this month, homeschooling and busy night shifts. Got two more night shifts this week so hoping to get something together during those. Nice tune no sense needed and fair play for being the first to upload.

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LFGSS Music Makering Challenge

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