LFGSS Music Makering Challenge

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  • I’m still game. I’ve missed out on the last few due to a new job. But I’m feeling settled now.

  • I'll have a crack too

  • I keep meaning to submit something, but don't. Am keen and registering the best of intentions again. Will keep my eyes out for a theme...

  • I'm on

  • Fun ?

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  • I'm OK with fun. How long before track has to be in, seven days usually?

  • Monthly roughly - so shall we say November the 5th deadline ?

  • That sounds OK to me

  • Works for me.

  • in

  • I started working on something last night. Was so much fun just messing around in the studio again.

    Thinking about keeping it loose as creating the initial song is always my favourite part. My least favourite bit is fine tuning (well trying at least) everything.

  • I have FINALLY gotten around to recording something (a backing track I committed myself to making for my wedding next week, talk about throwing myself in at the deep end in terms of needing to not do a shit job)...

    It's not on any of the themes here, it's also just a backing track (slightly mushy wedding business, Can't Help Falling In Love With You... I'd be worried if that wasn't obvious though haha) and I did cheat and have it mastered by a nice Ukrainian chap called Andrey on Fiverr but I feel like I've now gotten over the hurdle of recording something and once the wedding is out of the way next week I'm keen to get stuck in and have a go so if I'm in time for this theme I'll get one in but if not then definitely the next time!!!

    *I'll just upload it here so as not to make a mess of the Soundcloud account...

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  • Firstly, massive congratulations on getting married!

    Secondly, I can’t believe you put that pressure on yourself to create a track for you’re wedding... but well done! And I’m glad it got you back into recording.

  • Think I’ve finished my track as best as best as I can. Does anyone else think they’ll submit anything?

  • Won't be quite a fully-fledged track, but I've got something I'm planning to finish up today.

  • I'm just looking for a time window in the day to get some vocals down ( thats going to be fun 🙄
    ) and then thats it.

  • Sweet! looking forward to it.

  • OK - today is Funday ...

  • This was largely just about trying out whether I can record usable trumpet bits (haven't been playing for long 😬), but I was aiming for folk horror soundtrack vibe. Festivities equals fun, right?


  • Shit! Work was crazy today and I totally forgot. I’ve just uploaded

  • I failed big time. Next time I promise!

  • We got a very late (like 11.25pm on Nov 5th) surge of enthusiasm. Husband is mixing it now. It's going to be submitted a bit after midnight, hope that's not too cheeky.

  • Made it! https://soundcloud.com/user-248674115/ha­ving-fun?si=472df803cd354374a6e574420935­fe6a

    Mostly Mr Betty this time, I contributed concept and vocals. I realised after I listened back that it owes a pretty big debt to Halloween by Sonic Youth.

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LFGSS Music Makering Challenge

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