LFGSS Music Makering Challenge

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  • 14th May (4 weeks Friday)

    👍 for me

  • Thanks man! The drums are my favourite bit. I’ll revisit it at some point as I feel the sound is very muddy as it is.

  • going to try and bang something out for this.

  • Hell yeah!

    EDIT - is the theme 'music'?

  • https://soundcloud.com/bigshape/so-wonde­rful - a little WIP
    expect ravey stabs and blissed out vocals

    after listening on speakers the basslines deffo need a bit of a tinker...

    all comments welcomed.

    *edit - tinkered with basslines and played with the vocals.

  • Think it's sounds heavy, muchos vibez, nice drums, where is that vocal from? Am making ska track this month. Thanks for the mic @BleakRefs yes the theme is 'music'.

  • The sick - I really dug your dnb entry when I was listening earlier on, didn't realise it was you - proper rough Bukem vibes. Nothing better than an a proper amen and an 808 sub.

  • vocal is from "Vivian Lee-Music Is So Wonderful"
    used on loads of early jungle tracks way back when...

  • I like it a lot

    bit of chatter on the music producers thread on pressing a record maybe this thread should do one in a few months, kind of like a best of before an album.

  • thanks!
    imagine a lufguss record!
    I'll pop into the producers thread.
    could do with some help on mastering etc. need to watch some tutorials.

  • I had no idea this thread existed before the cross posting. It would be great to get an EP pressed with a few different artists on it but that doesn't exclude contributions from this thread.

    I'd be happy to open it up to an album if there were enough people interested.

  • How's everyone for Friday?

    Bailing on my ska track, had this idea I'd get the rusty trombone out and do a version of'(Music is my) occupation' by Don Drummond. Negating the fact that music is most definitely not my occupation. It's all gone a bit, bad rendition o ring of fire recorded in a cave. I'll try doing an intergalactic space dub for this week but kind of missed the mark a bit with the theme.


  • I don’t think I’ll be able to submit this month... crazy deadlines. Hopefully I be back on it next month.

    I look forward to a listening party while I’m creating some presentation PDFs.

  • i was planning on doing more to the track i uploaded but doubt i'll have time before tomorrow, so i guess this'll have to do for now.


  • Just recorded this, if I was to do it again would sort out some of the levels of the drums, some of the timing of the cuts are a bit off but you can catch a vibe. Don't reckon I'll find the time to do it again now.


  • nice dark vibes. was the bass intentionally all on one channel?

    p.s. how do I add to the lfgss playlist? or do the tracks get added by someone else. or maybe mine just doesn't make the grade! 🤔

  • Oops nope! I'll try having another go tonight, listening back it's a bit messy. I'll send you a pm with the login details dude.

  • just added my final track. slightly missed the deadline, but who needs another fucking deadline anyway!

    really enjoyed the other 2 tracks added so far

  • who needs another fucking deadline

    I know what you mean but for me having this deadline has meant I actually got something resembling 'finished' and so I can move on.

  • Right musos - who is going to get their fingers out and spin the random theme generator ?

  • i'm not bashing the deadline - i think it's helpful / necessary for this kind of thing.
    i just needed a slight extension for mitigating circumstances :P

  • Likewise, I like being pushed to move it along.

    Good ones this month, n4s that's my favourite one u dun so far.

    I rolled the dice...


    Deadline: 18th June (4 weeks Friday)?

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  • How does this work - is the theme all three words or just "war"?

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LFGSS Music Makering Challenge

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