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  • I've recently entered into a music production/ making challenge with a mate whereby there's a bunch of folk involved and every other month a theme is chosen for a piece of music which can either be an original piece of music or a cover version.

    Par example; the current theme is for a "beautiful love song"to be completed for Valentine's Day, the previous effort was a Christmas song.

    Would anyone here be keen to do the same sort of thing?

    Logistically we just set up a Soundcloud account with shared login details here and upload our works there with our usernames from here on.

    I'm not the most gifted producer by any stretch of the imagination but I reckon it's a great incentive to practice and improve and could be a bit of a laugh...

  • I’d be up for this. This lockdown I haven’t been as productive as I’d like to be and this sounds great!

  • I'm up for this, I need some to get back into the swing of things. All I've made recently are nursery rhymes for Mrs Hammer's project and had to entertain myself by making them semi-pastiche dance tracks - a few were veto'd.

  • Semi-pastiche dance tracks are welcomed and encouraged!

    I shall set up a soundcloud account for this and we can choose a theme at the end of this week perhaps? Suggestions welcomed for the first one!!

  • I'd be interested. I've not finished a track in a decade and my 17 month old loves to either join in if he's awake, or insist I'm stone silent if he's asleep soooooo I wouldn't count on a submission, but I'd like to stick my name down

  • Also up for giving this a go although plenty of excuses to miss months due to homeschooling kids etc. also not got a home setup as of today but on the way to building it up. Thinking of using my phone to begin with. Be a nice excuse to get creative. How did you get on with the soundcloud setup @Nahguavkire still taking suggestions for a theme?

  • Haven't gotten around to setting up the Soundcloud just yet but I'll do so now!

    Open to suggestions on a theme and let's set the start date for Friday!

    Edit: I thought today was Thursday, bloody lockdown :(

    Soundcloud is live. DM me for details.

  • I used a song theme generator to suggest the following theme:

    A song about enjoying food...

    Not sure if this might be too specific to start us off if anyone wants to make a more conceptual suggestion?

  • That's cool how about opening it up a bit more.

    From enjoying food to consume?

  • Could even be songs about food but to for starters I'd be happy to even narrow it down to sad songs/ happy songs/ angry songs etc.

  • Cool how about 'food' then that kind of leaves it open to interpretation. Think I've followed the soundcloud looks like there is someone else following the soundcloud Jennifer Rouse in the US...? A pic of a lady with her top off.

  • My best mate makes all the music for Hey Duggee so i have been hearing his nursery rhyme productions for the last 4 months. They're good but I've had more than enough by this point... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8NgR9TV­akM

  • Amazing! The music on duggee is a highlight of toddler TV. We have the baby club album on repeat at the moment 😬

  • Just wait till the next album drops! Albeit maybe listen to Mulberry Bush first before subjecting your kids to a quasi-Kate Bush acid trip of a song with a Russian dominatrix (ostrich?) doing the vocals...

  • Cool man. Didn't we have that disagreement over the interpretation of the Sean Paul meme thing not long ago. Water under the bridge and all that. You make music no? Join in the challenge.

  • Ha, it rings a vague bell but I can't quite place it. Anyway, that's water long under a bridge if we did.

    I make folky music, no idea re production, I'll watch this with interest as I love seeing clever people make computer music but not for me.

  • Nice one dude. Indeed water long under that bridge. I would have thought the more the merrier for the challenge. 'food' being a theme can kind of be intepreted in anyway you want, I may even wip out my rusty trombone (not a euph) it's not my challenge but would have thought it's open to musicians of all kinds as well as computer/tech producers.

  • Hmmm, I'm borrowing my mate's OP-1 at the moment, if I can get something out of that I might just pop an entry in! I wonder how it will sound with my banjo...

  • I could also be interested in having a go. Might be good to have an excuse to actually finish something for a change. Not keen on soundcloud but I guess I could just upload wherever and post a link if I manage to cobble something together.

  • That's amazing. I LOVE the music from Hey Duggee. Tin Sounds innit? Soundtrack of my life for the last five years to the point that I have daydreamed abut being able to ask the guys that do it some questions. Can I Can I?

  • Sorry (not sorry)

    q1. Is the music in The Surprise Badge (with the flying wrapping paper) a homage to Dream Baby Dream by suicide?

    Also, i'm well up for the musical challenge thing. Beats "getting fit" as a project I say.

  • Ha - he'll be thrilled to hear, I'm seeing him tomorrow night actually (he's in ma bubble) - yeah for sure, what would you like to know? I would like to tell you what his actual band is called (internationally successful electronic project) but I guess he probably doesn't want that connection to be made on the internet...

  • Yes yes! The more the merrier! Anyone who's keen to take part just DM me and ill give them the account details and I reckon food sounds like a good theme!

    Songs about food and interpretation can be as loose as you like.

    Cover version and originals welcome, I guess remixes too?

    Is a month a sufficient timeline? First Friday in March?

  • He says he can't remember as ages ago but quite possibly - he does know the tune...

  • Dunno if I will make anything of merit but will give it a go. Would say keep the net wide open, remixes, covers anything goes kind of thing, especially for the first one.

    ^^I'm sure am not the only one who reckons a banjo + op1 would sound really cool ^^

    Beats "getting fit" as a project I say.

    Have to agree went out for a run for the first time in years, still feeling it two days later.

    Good luck everyone.

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LFGSS Music Makering Challenge

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