Waxed cotton canvas tool rolls.

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  • ok- these will be done tonight, tomorrow at the very latest. Just need to put the rivets in (this is the most satisfying part) and trim a few threads.

    @rwd @mig @rotc17 @user89908 @biking**besty @mr_lunch @thegreatbelow @Jingle_Jangle - if you can PM with your address then I will give you my paypal details

  • PM sent. Cheers, J.

  • Hey, if the intention is still to do another run of these I'd be interested! Perfect for touring.

  • Hi - yes ideal for touring. Get all the tools and some snacks/fags in there for sure.

    I will do another run in a few weeks, so can do you one then if you like

  • Hi mate, yes, my thoughts exactly!

    I’d like one for sure please.


  • Hi M, arrived safely yesterday, thanks again. As seen, as ordered and excellent! Highly recommended! Cheers, J.

  • Mine also arrived yesterday, thoughtfully packaged and a very nice bit of kit! Definitely recommend to any considering the next batch.

  • Received yesterday, love it, thanks!

  • Mine arrived yesterday, really well made and unique, love it, thank you.

  • Thanks everyone, glad they have arrived safe :)

  • A little bit of excellence arrived just now:

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    • 48B97879-1E9B-45A7-904F-DFB817BD5FAE.jpeg
  • @Teev - hi - still interested? I'd be up for making a few more of these

  • Hi Moocher - sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, I’m still interested mate.

  • Sure - I need to check I have sufficient leather for the edging

    Anyone else interested? Can do a small batch of up to 10

    Good for those summer bikebacking adventures we will all be having soon

  • hello. Interested. They look awesome as well as practical!

  • Hi @teev @husk @user99126 and anyone else interested. Pictures of completed items ^^^

    I have this brown canvas at the moment along with this chocolate leather

    Thread and webbing colours shown. Cant find the copper rivets off hand, but some offcuts shown to help you choose your colours. Webbing a bit limited so first come first served....

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  • Hello @moocher Chocolate with azure webbing & pinko thread please. Cheers

  • this is a real quality pouch. Received with thanks @moocher

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  • In LFGSS pink and blue too :)

  • I’d be interested in one, are you willing to post out of country (US)?

  • If you are happy to pay a bit extra for postage. Or, wait until mid August and I can send it with someone who will be travelling to the States

  • @moocher I'll take one please.. LFGSS pink and blue sounds good.

  • Cool, thanks. Will get on it :)

  • One for Hurricane completed -

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  • And one for @jmg412

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Waxed cotton canvas tool rolls.

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