Waxed cotton canvas tool rolls.

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  • Brilliant I’d take black with green and red thread please??

  • Sick tool rolls

  • Yes please.1 for me. Either in the fabric on the left or 2nd from right
    Contrasting thread. Probably orange or pale blue
    1,3,4 or the straps please

    I think they're lush

  • I'll take one, number 2 straps with orange stitching, which ever canvas you like, let me about payment when you're ready, don't need it but absolutely love stuff that's forum made

  • Lovely work

  • Really nice.

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  • Hi, I'd like one also if they're still available.
    I'd like the drab green canvas with light blue threading and number 1 (dark green/ red) strapping.
    If there's any shortage on colours, I'm happy to compromise!

  • yes, plenty still available so I will add you to the list :)

  • Can I take two please :)
    1) Drab green, orange thread, green/orange webbing
    2) Black, a bit outrageous here but could it be a mix of yellow, light blue and red thread(cym colour way and that) but if too much pain light blue thread please, 3rd webbing down (primarily black one)
    They are absolutely brilliant, thanks for making more!

  • Added you too @hlwa

  • hi. Sorry to be a late. I'd like 2 please. 1 drab green with orange thread with the top webbing( dull orange )
    The other one which ever you like as I'll be using it as a present
    Thanks again

  • Hi - I can try and do those for you, but need to crack on with the current batch - so realistically it would be 2-3 weeks before I can get yours done.

  • actually, i might have spares. doing an inventory now :)

  • These are really good looking and I'm even later to the party!
    I'll take 1 of whatever combo you have left please, your choice. I do prefer the duller strapping i.e. not the orange green and white if possible.


  • Could do with one of these for my Bob Jackson. Any chance?

  • @rotc17 @Jingle_Jangle

    I dont have any patterns cut that arent spoken for, but I will do another run in a couple of weeks if you can wait that long

  • Very excited to get mine!

  • Cheers @moocher.
    Just @ me when you're doing the next run,


  • Yep, happy to wait.

  • Hi Moocher, It's really encouraging to watch your unfolding and clearly increasingly fruitful artisan cottage industry develop 'Bro. Keep up your brilliant work. Please let me know when you are ready to to take your next run orders. I'd love to have one. Cheers, J.

  • Hi @moocher - these looks great. I’d also love one on your next run if possible.

  • Hi there, they look great. I would also love a leather-free one on your next run please, thanks

  • Thanks for the kind words, and pre-orders everyone :)

  • Mine - Drab Green, Black thread, the first pictured strap-Dark Green with Dark Red center stripe, and real leather please.
    My wife and I always take some loose bike tools to have available at our table at our local bike jumble. (Corona-cancelled three times now and again scheduled hopefully for October.) I'll be carrying them in my new Roll, and will definitely share with all who are interested where I bought it. Cheers, J.

  • These will be finished off and ready to post out this weekend - so - if you made an order can you PM with your address and I'll give you payment details.

    @jny @mespilus @hlwa @snappyandrew @hanuman @A2theJ @user67706akajimmythegrin

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Waxed cotton canvas tool rolls.

Posted by Avatar for moocher @moocher