Waxed cotton canvas tool rolls.

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  • Made 8 of these - £25 inc post and packaging and a £3 donation to the forum

    If I get orders for all 8 in the next few days then I will up the forum donations to £5

    18cm x 40cm

    @rhb has alreaded dibs'd one so 7 left.

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  • Would you be able to put up some pictures of the inside, what the pockets look like?

  • Good point @Z4k

    2 x 4 rows of small at 4cm wide , 2x2 of large at 9cm wide

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  • Awesome, thanks. Please let me know about paying you etc.

  • PM'd

  • Hi,
    Is the short edge overlapping reinforcement leather?

  • Yes, the edges are leather and are riveted and stitched to the canvas

  • These look great . Pls put me down for 2.

  • cool - pm sent

  • Thanks for the reply.
    They look good, but leather = 'I'm out'.

    If you ever make a V2 with leather-free edge reinforcement,
    I'll definitely buy one.

  • Really like the look of these and been after a tool roll for ages.

    I'll take one please.

  • I'll take one off your hands too!
    DM coming

  • You both have messages.


  • Put me down for 1 if there’s any left

  • Looks like you are first reserve, Leftfield

    If nothing falls through I'll keep you in mind for my next run

  • Big shout out for @moocher
    superb quick delivery to snowy west Scotland , & quality product, photos don't do justice, sturdy canvas & strong stitching, leather trim, -very handy for my Raleigh Roadster spanners.
    He should start a cottage industry......

  • Just received mine. I like them. Sailcloth is a great product, love the copper rivets and webbing.

    Feedback: For your product expansion, may I suggest a variety of sizes and colours (sailcloth and stitching) and a place for a label for the contents. Plus as you get more practiced / automate your manufacture I see standardised finish coming through.

  • These look very cool.

  • Hey man I’ve you still have any available I’ll take one?

  • All gone, sorry.

    I will make another set if there is sufficient interest. If people order before I make them then they can choose thread colour. But not for a week or so.

    In the meantime, thanks to everyone who ordered, you have collectively donated this:

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  • @moocher I'd be game for buying one when you're next making a batch :)

  • Look great. If there is a next time please put me down for one

  • ok, I have some more materials and also some fake leather for @mespilus

    So if @snappyandrew @hlwa @Jny @Leftfield or anyone else who is interested wants to choose their material then I can start planning.

    There are these colours. Shown indoors and out. The top one is a bit more green than it looks here. But basically drab green, brown or black are your choices.

    You also get to choose a thread colour - black, red, orange, yellow, dark and light blue.

    The webbing is a different colour this time too

    Any questions let me know.

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  • You are a Star!
    2 please: fake leather edging,
    One black,
    one drab green,
    orange thead, with the green, white, orange webbing on both.

  • payment via paypal, but not yet. this is just preliminary list gathering

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Waxed cotton canvas tool rolls.

Posted by Avatar for moocher @moocher