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  • word on the street is there is another drop

    .....one drops acid, not performance product! ;)

    Took me a while to round up final decisions from the list - largely on my side, finding the time to devote to this properly - and I got reserves out to all who were interested. Again, massive thank you for all the donations, I'll finalise and do a post on this when I get a sec, but impressive work from LFGSS.

    I am genuinely out now(!), but as upthread^ Albion do have them in stock - in black and a really lovely burnt yellow - so please direct enquiries here. Wish I had a magic wand, but alas, the Gandalf hair is all I have atm.

    ....but, while I'm on it, some interesting new pieces just launched, also in the yellow;


    And video here;

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  • Sorry for the delay getting to this, but just rounded up final figures, and transferred final donations; huge thank you to the generosity of LFGSS, this project raised a super impressive £766 :D This figure was was split between LFGSS and Outrunners. Thank you again @Velocio for the space to do this!

    And thank you LFGSS, really enjoyed this project that grew out of a casual comment a few months back. Been great to meet many more of you, onhere and some in person, and I've been really stoked to send to forummers around the globe.

    I've been tied up a little recently, but have some time ahead to devote to some more products, that I feel will be useful for anyone & everyone ...watch this space!

  • A true forum hero!

  • Excited for the next product, count me in!

    I've used my burner on every ride i've been on since It arrived (aside from the heat wave obviously)

  • Indispensable for the early commutes at the moment . Its become a bit of a staple like buffs and flashing lights.

  • It's a super useful addition to the clothing arsenal. A bit of insurance on evening rides.

    It's a total banger.

  • Gutted to have missed out on this. Great thread, great product, great cause. Look forward to future runs or ideas.

  • 60 miles burner ride today. No oversocks, kneewarmers from the start and no armwarmers later. Perfect, I am now converted to the way the burner turns the gilet insulated.

  • I’ve used mine on every ride, 3 to 4 times a week since receiving it. It’s a staple piece now and it washes and dries great

  • I would concur , great for cold starts at the moment . Cannot wait for the full jacket to come out in October.

  • I was worried about washing - gentle wash at 30C suitable?

  • Yep I've been doing mine at 30 and air drying

  • thanks @PhilDAS yes, will be fine to drop into a regular/delicates wash with other kit. Will air dry v quickly, no need to tumble or iron.

    Over time, as with any insulation, the more it's washed/agitated the bounce in the fill will decrease, so recommend only doing it when needed to extend the life.

    And cheers for the feedback all - yep, they work really well in this cold wind. ...which looks to be with us for a while :(

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