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  • Touched down in Japan.

    Massively impressed with the quality of the final product, as well as how small and light they pack down.

    After a balmy weekend (got up to 20°C on a public holiday - Emperor’s birthday - ride yesterday), it looks like it’s going to turn cold again, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to test it in the mountains here soon.

    Also, thanks for the masks. They look really great, are useful, and my three year old daughter loves the design too!

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  • Used mine for the first time today, it was normally weather where I'd use my insulated gillet but the beauty of the burner is it worked just as well and I could also take the gillet in my pocket in case it was actually too cold. And I could even access my pockets without unzipping anything.

  • Really interested in picking up one of these burners.

  • A very nice aesthetic thing: I wore it with a form fitting jersey on top and it's not noticeable because it compacts so well. If it was just a chunk of normal puffy gilet it'd look and feel bulky but it just disappeared underneath (and kept me warm)

  • Sad I missed out on these, sounds like its perfect for that weird in between weather.

    I did however like the mask so much that I bought one. Top design!

  • I'm also in for the next round, should there be one.

  • Has been well used, really is a great item, a great cause and done by a fabulous human. Much respect.
    I'd be in for another if there is a round two.

  • Perfect weather to test burner. Set off early in merino base, long sleeve jersey and windstopper gilet.
    By the time the sun came up I felt overdressed but comfortably so and
    didn’t bother stopping to remove it.
    Thanks for this excellent product @Chopsicle so simple and elegant. Also being part of this thread has been a joy and added to the pleasure of ownership and emotional connection to the product... I show it to anyone who might be interested!

  • Similar situation here, 8am morning start, it was too cold (1C or so) and I had set off with a LS merino baselayer, teh burner and a 3-layer windproof jacket. No gilet.

    At the coffee stop I removed the burner... By the time it was noon I was cooked and the baselayer was soaked, so I stopped, removed the baselayer and put the burner back in as I didn't feel comfortable with just the jacket (and also there was no space left in my pockets...)

    Perfect, except the gloves (neoprene in 13C weather isn't good)

  • Thank you everyone for the feedback from out in the wild - glad to hear they've been well received. Breathing a big sigh of relief they're getting to everyone around the world :)

  • Not sure how I missed this thread (actually thought it was something else!). Looks great, defo in if you do a 2nd round.

  • These look great, gutted to miss the first batch. Definitely keen for round 2 if it happens!

  • Not sure how I missed it either! would be well in for a round 2

  • @Chopsicle
    If you do round 2, I'll readily buy 2 more. I really really like it.

  • Got a compliment on the mask earlier as well.

  • @Chopsicle Teary eyed to miss this. If you do another lot I will buy 2 for me and 1 for a mate!

    Hope that convinces you hahaa

  • For those who are desperate for a burner and who missed out on the first run, Albion have them in stock again on their website.

  • @Chopsicle If you do round 2, happy to volunteer to help you with any logistics whether that's organizing spreadsheet, packing stuff, post office run etc... 👍

  • Cheers for the continued interest everyone, and sorry for the silence of late - will come to that in a sec

    I’ve still a few gone silent from original list(!) will round these up tonight, and then bump orders onto those who have expressed interest. Will message this eve, hold tight!

    Being straight-up, I’m not going to be able to do another run like this^, for a couple of reasons;

    First, I’m almost out of fabric (black is completely out), but I’m working on a solution, for this ....and other ideas.

    Second, it’s been an awesome experience, but financially/time-wise it didn’t really make sense. I do want to continue making, so I’ll give a bit more detail below

    Third, thanks @andyp Burners are back in stock. Now in black, and a lovely rich, burnt yellow.

    More details on the workings; This isn’t a gripe, far from it, but an insight into my approach/thinking, and planning/expectations for the future. I mentioned I genuinely thought I’d be making a handful on a Saturday afternoon, so it’s made me realise I should crack on and initiate more maker projects like this.

    I purposefully set an affordable, good value price, because I love the product, felt passionate about it, and wanted to get it out there. I thought it would be a nice thing for the forum (after all the entertainment it’s given me), and as a versatile bit of kit, I wanted the price to be accessible to all. - a reaction to members-only, hype, limited-release sales, if you will. I wasn’t counting on the admin/logistics side of things (thank you @M4xime for the message above!), which possibly took nearly as much time as the make, but all-in, it probably worked out at below minimum wage. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s my decision, but it’s hard to juggle the time with other commitments. I also realised it would make more sense for me to include donation cost in a price, so I could add Gift-Aid on top (and I’d also like to include a system to get product to juniors/youth teams). Anyway, this is a long way of saying I’ll need to price correctly in future, to make sure it’s sustainable, but know that I want to make sure things remain good value.

    I’ve spent the last few weeks making some improvements to my home setup, including buying tools and machinery. My IG will has a recent addition, which sets me off like that big bloke out the Pottery Throwdown when I look at the quality of the mechanism.... The machine is small, but has huge potential :)

    So! I’ve a couple more ^new^ things in work, which are ready after a couple of years tinkering and road-testing. They’re genuinely novel/unique and super handy. I’ll be able to give more details in a few weeks, and would love to do a similar thing; LFGSS special, made by me, money to a good cause, custom/team versions if needed. ....cheers for reading this far :)

    TLDR: more stuff coming, slightly higher price.

  • Sounds very good!

  • Sounds exciting, you've done an amazing job so far.

    I remember several maker/craft lecturers during my studies saying that if you can afford to pay yourself minimum wage within the first 2 years your doing well. The fact you've managed to incorporate donation money into this says what a winner you're onto. Good luck, look forward to seeing what's next.

  • which sets me off like that big bloke out the Pottery Throwdown

    I love this reference

  • Can I also register interest if there's any left over, looks great

  • ^
    Same, if you´ll ship to Vienna. Regret not jumping in the first time around.

    Great idea and project!

  • word on the street is there is another drop

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