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  • ahhhh-ha, yes; if you turn the pocket through? ie push the bottom corner of the rectangle 'out' through the elastic top, and pull the whole thing through, turning the whole pocket inside out.

    To get the whole lot in comfortably, at the end, put the inside-out pocket into your fist, and push the final bits in, using your fist to take any stress, not the fabric.

    And yes, would say store it unfolded - won't do any harm, but does put unsightly creases into the fabric!

  • Mine just arrived, it's brilliantly made, thank you! Wife absolutely loves the face mask fabric print too, so thanks to your brother for that as well

  • Thanks @Chopsicle, please put me on the list for a running one & if you need another tester to give feedback I'd be happy to volunteer.

  • I can confirm it is warm. I was asked "what's this?" About the face masks I left on a desk.
    I then passed the burner over, "this doesn't unfold to a bike jacket does it?", Put on my skin suit, shoved the burner down the front. Then got distracted doing the bed time routine, sat and did some work for an hour, didn't notice the cold, and then thought "I should get changed, I look a right wally".

  • Thanks so much for this, it's such a great idea and it feels good to be part of it.

  • I too wore my burner at my desk today and got delightful warm. Also wore the mask to pick up lunch today - great little fastenings. Thanks @Chopsicle!

  • Got mine today, had it on around the house and the warmth is well impressive. I'll use it properly at the weekend hopefully. Top craftsmanship, and the masks are a bonus!

    Thanks for all the graft that went in to the production and the posting etc!

  • I hadn't thought about using it with a skinsuit... this will be awesome when it gets to skinsuit weather...

    My burner arrived, and looks awesome. I've only worn it around in the house at the moment, as I'm giving myself a longer post covid recovery period, but can confirm it is cozy.

  • Wore mine today and it was perfect. I normally use a brevet insulated gilet but this was much easier to pocket mid ride and seemed just as toasty. Very happy with it!
    Masks are also fantastic.

  • Bonza! Thanks everyone, great to hear the feedback, and glad they're arriving ok.

    One thing is do wear them under bibs/bibstraps ...they're prone to slip out if you're just relying on a jersey. One is already adrift on Londons mean streets! :_(

    ....performance wear for the home office? a trend we can all get along with.

  • Did a long mucky ride today and it was lovely to have on. I was surprised that I forgot about it under my bibs as it didn't wriggle around at all, even after navigating multiple kissing gates, totally boss CX remounts and a few not quite so boss failed remounts where I missed and smacked my knee in the the canti brake. My only feedback was still around the name, I thought that as it sits across the the chest but as kind of base layer I thought the Front Bottom had a nice ring to it

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  • Was going to test mine tomorrow, might still. But it'll probably be under a regular jersey with the temps going up.

  • Hi my friend told me about these on our ride today. Do you have any left for sale? I'd also like a running one when they're available. Sounds ideal for fell runs. Thanks!

    Edit: just read through the whole thread. Blimey! Great effort @Chopsicle
    Would be happy to donate and hope can be included in the second batch.

  • @Chopsicle
    Thanks for mine, it arrived today.

    I got a stamp!

    I'm one of those pesky types that alwys 'run cold', so I might even try it this weekend while most people are thinking of just a long sleeve jersey.

    It looks and feels a lovely product.

  • Used my burner this morning for the first time. Wasn’t sure how to layer up with the temperatures so I had a light gilet and a short sleeve jersey with arm warmers and a burner over a base layer.

    Immediately felt the warmth of the burner before I left the house, got the rest of my body up to temp and then shifted the burner out of the way under my jersey for a climb of Mott Street. Was perfect. The gilet was probably overkill.

    Thanks for sorting out an awesome product and adding my customisation request 😀

  • Mine was delivered today as I was half out the door for a ride, so immediately threw it on, a bit warm for it today after 20 mins but so easy to take off and pack away on the move. Very happy with it! Thanks @Chopsicle!

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  • Burner worked today with short sleeve jersey, baselayer, gilet and arm-warmers; nice and cosy lateish morning start, ‘insulated’ I suppose, for the descent first thing after leaving the house. Took it out at the level crossings, folded away nicely. The other riders waiting were a lady with a step through townbike, and a man with a tanwall tyres Canyon with the weird handlebars. Still haven’t made up my mind whether the knee warmers were needed, was no space for storage to find out; gilet nice on the descents, burner would have been too much.

  • Used mine this morning and it's bloody amazing. Wore it under the laughably named Rapha Pro Team "Thermal" jersey, paired with a lightweight gilet and I was warm enough in 10C weather to go out with bare legs - unheard of!

  • Used a Burner under a Gabba for the tailwind home-run at the end of today’s wet ride.


  • Also. An un-stuffed Burner is a great way to pack-out framebag contents, saving said contents from excess, noisy jiggling.

  • Had the burner in under a long sleeve jersey today and it was perfect, didn’t realise how much it was stopping windchill until I took it out at home. Going to get a lot of use out of this, thanks for sorting @Chopsicle!

  • Arrived safely in Amsterdam. Quality looks great, looking forward to trying it out. Thanks @Chopsicle!

  • This is great, thanks for the confirmation @djc - I've been a little anxious about the current UK/EU post,

    Thanks for all the feedback all, great to read, appreciated. Stoked these are out there. ....@youramericanlover you can call it whatever you desire!

    @roboto cheers for getting in touch with the request; neat to do this.

    I'm just sorting out a few things - there's still a few people on the list,but never ordered - so will round these up, and any 'unclaimed', I can pass along to those who have expressed interest. Again, bear with me, I need to do a few things (I'm out of face coverings) before getting to these.

    I'm nearly out of fabric, so am figuring out a source for similar good quality/relatively low quantities. ....and I've got a few other new products which I've been using for the last year, and am considering running for forum; will post new threads when ready (possibly start sub-threads to keep thing organised). Would love to do more of this!

    ...and hands up; turns out it's not a novel concept(!). I saw last week James Huang, Cycling Tips technical editor posted a link to The Warm Front product, whose origins are way back in 2006. It looks like these are Polartec fleece/jersey - so without the windproofing - and with the high 'priests collar'. Interesting to see!

  • Have ridden with it twice.
    Once at 7 degrees,
    Once at 9 degrees.

    I was actually warm

    I had a base+gabba+gilet.
    Now I know some of you will think that is crazy but I just don't get hot. It rained a bit on the second ride and the temp dropped to about 6 degrees. Felt quite lovely indeed

    Not getting to shorts yet mind, even at today's temp in London's famous London.

    Top tip, be careful when unzipping your jersey if you are going to have a wee...

  • Loving the burner as a wfh blanket

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