Best way to burn 10k

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  • What about a full custom foffa?

  • It’s got coffee shop impact, I was once told by a fellow cyclist that they were horrified that I was actually riding it, rather than hanging it on a wall.

  • I would imagine it doesn't ride as well as it looks given its age but hanging bikes on the wall seems like a waste to me.

  • As long as you accept that all the gears are many inches then it’s good fun to punt along- just don’t take it to the Alps.

    Handling wise it’s easily on par with modern stuff, but the group set is (very) obviously not up to what we now expect in terms of gear range, speed of change, and power of braking.

    However- this thread would appear to be about bike jewellery and in that department the Klein scores highly.

  • The problem here unfortunately seems to be that our buyer has no interest in impressing the likes of us cyclists and is actually intent only on impressing the MAMIL crowd who know as little about nice bikes as buyer does... Genuinely would be was well to just leave the price tags on it when bike does arrive.

  • He’d get more out of a classic bike I think, if he learned the history and could tell the story.

  • @Nahguavkire has hit the proverbial nail on the head. He would never appreciate the Klein. How much does it weigh out of interest?

    I've for a while been thinking that until the UCI drops the minimum weight limit (or manufacturers disregard those and build bikes not for racing, as some are already doing) we're not going to see major innovations. These days you can get aero and light in one package and all the rest is marketing hype. When the 6.8kg is lowered I'll get excited again about what big brands and all their R&D can produce.

  • I don't think the purpose of this 10K bike has been fully explained - if it's to win races, how about sticking with the existing bike and spending the money on performance enhancing drugs and masking agents?

  • I’d love to see you winning TTs on a vintage bike having taken £10k worth of PEDs.

  • Why not road races too?

  • Heh, so you made it to Bikelife?

    Seconded on waiting for DA9200 though..

  • I just always think of you as a TT specialist and have a romantic notion of testers being a niche area populated by honourable people. Then for someone as honest and good natured as yourself to suddenly turn up ripped on PEDs is even more amusing in my warped mind.

  • I'm not sure if he did in the end or just ordered online. I also would have waited for DA or gone with 9100 rather than AXS, I'm really not a fan of that chainset...

  • Many thanks, DJ, for your favourable review - I'll keep you in mind if I ever need a character reference.

    I didn't think of myself as a TT specialist, although it did cross my mind that perhaps I was too polite to be a good road man - too prone to saying 'no, after you...', rather than using my elbows.

    I think there may be a slight misunderstanding though - just as I would never spend £10K on a bike for myself neither would I spend it on drugs. My point really was that if some one wants to make an impression on the cycling world it would be much better to have some good results, rather than just owning a posh bike. An excellent bike can be an embarassment if you still get dropped when riding it, whereas a good 'medical programme' and any half reasonable bike should yield success.

    Even if I were tempted to dope I'm far too old - it would be like releasing a balloon which flutters around a room until the very last bit of air gives it a final spurt before it expires on the floor.

  • The wait is over. My mate sent me this photo and, needless to say, is delighted. I must admit that it's very kind on the eye. Even better, he managed to sell his also very nice Bianchi about six weeks ago so has been making the most of bars being open without any cycling to offset the beer gains. In a nutshell, I should be able to tear the legs off him in spite of his superior steed. For now we're all winners in this story :)

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  • it's very kind on the eye

    Paint job, notwithstanding

  • Dat bike is dutty

  • Paint job based on Ritter Sport Choco Duo I believe. Beats actually burning £10K I guess.

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  • I once cycled past Sir Alan riding that exact bike in Hyde Park. In my memory I shouted 'you're fired', but I am not convinced that happened in reality.

  • Rhubarb and custard

  • Piss and shit

  • Expectation


  • FYI it's called 'Sicilian peach' godammit. At least it's not my bike so it really doesn't affect me but I do think that it could have been a lot worse than this. Hopefully I can have a go.

  • Good to see that £10k still doesn’t buy you taste these days.

  • I know they are the only new bikes you can buy at the moment but the level of absolute top whack carbon out at the moment is ridiculous. I think mine was the only non S-Works Specialized I saw in Regents this morning and probably the only aluminium frame at all.

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Best way to burn 10k

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