How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Karndean and Amtico are typically the glue down stuff, which may be better, but also less forgiving for uneven floors and DIY installation I believe.

    Quickstep do some stone effect click vinyl tile, cheaper than both the above.

  • Never question Sheppz.

  • Scaffolding went up on Monday, shit's about to get real. Working from home with 2 babies whilst having a loft conversion and downstairs bathroom ripped out, what could possibly go wrong..?

  • ha ha you are gonna die

  • Yes, yes I am.

    We do have the option of buggering off to France for a bit to stay with my wife's parents if it all gets too much (If the passport office sorts out the new baby's passport that is).

  • i've only got little legs, you see!

    @Tenderloin not going to lie, pretty sure i did say to my wife 'so-and-so's kitchen...' :)

  • At least you have a bathroom spare!
    Baby nap time can be a bit problematic with loud construction noises.
    Though it might make them more tolerant to noise and trains them to sleep better in future?

    Our extension took out our kitchen and dining room for about 7 weeks, and probably another 2 weeks after our trip to France.
    Not having a kitchen has been detrimental to health and sanity.

  • I need some nice steps for our new kitchen, not just for the 5 year old, but for us to reach the top of the 230cm high kitchen units.

  • Probably a bit bling for the five year old, but I've got one of these as a tidy step/extra seat.

  • beaten to it... Niwaki

  • At least you have a bathroom spare!

    Nope, only one in the house atm. Putting one in the loft and a little shower room upstairs, not entirely sure how it's going to work as yet but there's no way we'll stay if we're left with out a bathroom.

    Baby nap time can be a bit problematic with loud construction noises.

    Yeah, 10 week old did not appreciate the scaff going up.

    I've never been though any building work before so although I know it's going to be horrible I'm also blissfully unaware of the true reality of what's to come.

  • Wait until the machine gunning of the impact drivers and first fix nail guns.

    They resonate through the house!

  • Cheers for the various suggestions. It's not my bathroom (mother-in-law's) so traditional is the order of the day. The Quickstep stuff looks like a possibility.

  • Dust, so much dust.

    In theory the rest of the house is pretty much untouched whilst they do the loft. Water/electrics, etc may be out for a day whilst they join everything up but should generally be fine. Definitely be out of the house for the day when they break through the ceiling to put the stairs in.

    Naps in the pram out of the house may become the order of the day for the next few weeks.

  • anyone ITT have strong opinions about hidden hardware for bathrooms? By this, I mean a built out section so just the tap/shower head etc are visible with piping etc neatly hidden.

    Obviously it looks great but is it awful for other reasons? Opinions wanted.

  • Obviously it looks great

    But then I specced tiles flush with the finished wall as I find the edge trims visually offensive, so my tastes are probably extreme.

  • tiles flush with the finished wall

    How was this achieved?

    I find the edge trims visually offensive


  • I think it's a case of when, not if, things leak, so all pipes, connections etc should be accessible.

    But if you replace the bathroom before it leaks, then I guess it's irrelevant :)

    Edit: I don't consider myself In The Know so probably shouldn't have said anything.

  • No idea of specifics. It was magic as far as I was concerned, but made me happy and the builder enjoyed the challenge. The room was completely stripped back to brick and tanked so it was starting from a blank canvas. The depth and width of the tiles was known so it was ‘just’ a matter of plastering the portion of wall that wasn’t being tiled to match, and giving it a nice crisp straight edge.

  • like the idea myself but its no different to having pipes in the wall for CH (rads) etc- probably check the pipework and replace where needed
    consider access points - so if wall is studded out - little hatch and tile to look seamless

  • Gotcha. It does sound like wizardry. Would you share a picture?

  • tricky because we don't live there any more. here's one from the listing – the shower screen renders the effect mostly pointless but you can see where tiles meet wall above it. I've got some close ups on my phone somewhere that I'll dig out and PM you.

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  • What kind of tradesperson replaces external SVPs? I've got an old cast iron one that is going extremely rusty and I'd like to replace before it disintegrates.

    The wall needs repointing on the outside, I want to insulate on the inside and the bathroom needs redoing - I'm also not sure the best sequence to do these things in. Thinking maybe new SVP, pointing, insulation, bathroom including reconnection to SVP.

  • I had a plumber do it when I got a new one but it also needed replacing further down so did involve actual plumbing.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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