How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • OH STREWTH, thats not great. Assume you will not be footing the bill?

  • Lots of swearing going on between all parties.
    The window people have said that the way it is constructed, you can take off the bottom sheet of glass and it will still be fine as a double glazed unit. Not sure I'm happy with this, considering I've paid for a triple glazed unit, and it will affect U values etc.
    They will foot the bill for a new one as needed.

    Logistics is the most frustrating thing, as there is probably 10 days to get a new one, the zinc roofing guys are doing their work, and I really don't want people trampling over the zinc standing seam roof with a 200kg piece of glass, to firstly take it down, and then put a new one up.

    Pretty shit situation really.

    I kinda feel sorry for the builder, as he's been good as gold so far.

  • Planning permission approved. So just lots of saving between now and Feb!

  • Underfloor heating going in, zinc roof going on!

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  • Niiiice! What’s the outcome with the skylight?

  • New one is ordered, no cost to me.

    Zinc roof people aren’t concerned, they will lay some ply/osb on top of the zinc and not remove the protective film so it protects the roof somewhat from people walking over it.

    Zinc is lighter colour than I had expected, which I like.
    It’s very interesting watching the roofers bending and folding a roll of zinc to make all the various shapes needed for the roof, fascias and soffits.

  • serious stuff going on here!!! superb! :)

  • Ah nice! Sounds like they’re used to dealing with this type of thing which must be reassuring. Looking forward to seeing the finish thing

  • I'm thinking of zinc for when I get my loft done, interested to see how yours turns out....

  • Zinc is costing about 3x GRP cost, but does include the fancy zinc guttering, downpipes, fascias and soffits.

    Mostly I think it’s the labour cost, as it’s a man and his apprentice for 10 days, whereas GRP would only take a couple of days.

  • Grp?

    I’m talking for the whole thing, not just roof.

  • Ahh very nice, zinc cladding looks really sharp too, I’d considered but felt that 8m wide classes section would look too heavy. We went for the pre-weathered zinc option, don’t have the time to wait 30 years to go Paris skyline grey.

    We’ve gone for white K-Rend on the garden face, brighten up the reduced sized garden a bit.

    You can get zinc effect / zinc coated steel or aluminium, which also has a nice finish and a bit cheaper though I don’t think the lifespan is as long.

  • A penny for the hive mind's thoughts...

    In the process of buying a 3-bed mid-terrace that looks a bit like this (first time using sketch-up), with possible plans scribbled on as follows (in addition to general renovation/updating):

    • move boiler from upstairs bedroom to downstairs utility
    • open up kitchen (90s extension) to dining room
    • re-arrange kitchen so that it flows along the length of the opened up back wall, with hob tucked in the chimney breast (once opened up)
    • can't see it, but i'd also like a skylight in the current kitchen's roof
    • some kind of semi-glazed double doors between dining and living room
    • possibly moving the downstairs loo underneath the stairs, but not sure if that's not more work than it's worth (especially if boiler goes there)
    • shift upstairs wall (non-struct.) back to original place (3rd bed will be an office, long-term plan to convert loft to 3rd bed proper)

    Any major flaws in those plans? Things you'd do differently, or better ideas?

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  • Boiler in downstairs utility looks awkward for flue positioning and keeping it away from windows.

  • would putting it in the current kitchen up above where the hob is at the moment make more sense? flue would still have to come out the back next to the window there (44cm between window and wall on that outside wall)

  • Painted the top window masonry. Hopefully do the bottom bay window tomorrow.

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  • Upstairs wall relocation looks fine.

    I’d probably put the boiler in a cupboard in the kitchen, and have the kitchen worktop go up to the fireplace, but not into it.

    What’s your budget?

  • Some zinc detail (has protective film on)

    Also a picture that sort of demonstrates the whole reason for the extension.

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  • Probably. Can you see where the flues in the adjoining properties are?

    Radical idea... Ditch the gas boiler and get an air-source heat pump? Apparently we should all be doing that.

  • £50k plus a little contingency - but that includes a load of external stuff, roof repairs, masonry, re-pointing, windows etc.

    also needs new kitchen, bathroom, and all white goods

  • Looks great. Far better job than I did on mine. What was your process?

  • Couldn't you extend a wall underneath the stairs, make the entry to the toilet from there from the hallway and snug the washing machine underneath the stairs?
    Having double doors between the stink in the toilet and the living room is common practice on the continent where I am from.
    Also, if you get the enfilade with the doors between front room and dining room, can't you rearrange that corner with the 45degree angle that ends nowhere?
    I always like a little storage room for food, hoover, cases of beer and water. Might be able to fit that into the constellation with the toilet.
    Agree with the boiler ideas; you want to have an air outlet.

  • Depending what boiler you fit, you can fit them close to an openable window.

  • You seen the price of them, you could do your full heating and still be a cheaper than buying air source.

  • Do you mean something like this, with doors opening into the hallway?

    Then potentially taking up some of that that free space on the left with a storage area/room?

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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