How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • It is fixed but that hasn't stopped them from adding on this extra cost to cover the material price hike. I've just sent them the building reg drawings so they are going to finalise the quote with added detail and spec and we'll go from there.

  • That's frustrating, so far my builders have stuck to the fixed costings. But it's written into a contractual agreement that doesn't have any break clauses based on cost / materials increase.

  • Extension well under way, end of day 5.

    Massive 3x1m skylight stored in the garage, was worried it wouldn’t be available for when the roof is done.

    Walls should be done today, steel beams going in tomorrow.

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  • On a slightly smaller scale... Approaching the end of my lounge renovation, thinking of curtains in the bay window due to... reasons. If I want to have a rail rather than a track am I stuck using those C-shaped pass-over rings? Are they as annoying as they look? Bay is not massive, about 1400x800 wide.

  • I really have no idea where to post this stuff anymore, between interior design thread, homeowners, DIY etc.

  • Thats prob partly my fault.
    I started this thread to be a bit more about the practicality of home renovation. Homeowners is about obtaining the house and the complications around doing so, and the interior design thread I guess is solely about Hague blue.

    I'm interested to see what you do here, I need to replace my crappy blinds in my front bay and not sure what t logo for as nothing ticks all boxes. Curtains are tempting...

  • We have them in the bedroom, I’m sure there are good and bad ones, but ours are shit.

  • This one: I want a new bathroom - what do I need to consider.
    Interior: I want a new bathroom - please share references of other nice bathrooms
    DIY: I'm fitting my new bathroom, what tile adhesive do I need
    Homeowners: How much less can I get away with offering on this house because I don't like the bathroom

  • But I don't have curtains in my bathroom :)

    So DIY then. I guess specification falls under that category also.

  • Start a current project about it.

  • There has deffo been some curtain chat in here from @Sheppz and others

  • Should I be doing this do you think? Once we have a broken down itemised costing?

  • Where would this one go (I suspect DIY)?
    I want new tiles in my bathroom, do I tile over the existing ones or do I have to remove first?

  • That’s where I’d post it!

    Due disclaimer that the above was just my opinion - I don’t consider myself to be the arbiter of what goes in what thread!

  • Having just removed tiles from a fully tiled bathroom, I'd say tile over if you can.
    a) removing them is a massive pain, hugely time-consuming, noisy and dusty. I had 3 or 4 trips to the tip with many, many rubble sacks.
    b) we then had to have it boarded out / replastered because the existing plasterboard/plaster beneath was trashed.
    c) then I was able to tile.

    You may be lucky and the tiles come off cleanly, but equally it might well be a shit show afterwards!

  • In 9 days, our builders have dug the site, poured foundations, had the skylight ordered and delivered, built the shell of the extension, knocked out the current kitchen wall, put in 2 steels, poured the oversite concrete, removed all the rubble and waste, and brought in the roof timber for the carpenters for Monday.
    Gunning up the kitchen screed tomorrow.

    Zinc roofing guy coming to chat to carpenters on Monday, first fix end of next week, boiler being moved, underfloor heating being installed.

    Seems efficient.

  • Wow that sounds promising! In London?

  • Hampshire.
    8x4m extension, says he will complete to satisfaction by 16th July.

    They started last Tuesday!

    I have obviously helped loads by being excessively nosy and bringing regular coffees.

  • The quick schedule has meant furiously trying to source kitchens, appliances, choose flooring, windows, which has taken up loads of evening time.

    I used a different builder for the 1st stage of my extension, and it’s a stark contrast.
    Went 2 months over schedule, material delays, staff turnover etc.

    This builder has been working with the same team for 10-20 years.

  • So a bit of a stumbling block, builders gunning up the screed today.

    Turns out it’s 100mm or so of concrete, on a membrane on block and beam. And appears to be just some polystyrene on in place of the blocks too.

    10 year old house, assuming they have done it to cut costs…

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  • Zinc roofing guy coming to chat to carpenters on Monday, first fix end of next week, boiler being moved, underfloor heating being installed.
    Seems efficient.

    So a bit of a stumbling block

    The joy of buidling work....

  • Yeah, builders don’t seem to fazed though, redesign of the floor needed though.

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  • What's the estimated cost of the extension, minus fitting out.
    I'm trying to get an idea of what it would cost in our new house and your extension seems a similar square footage

    Asking to get a realistic numbers of people is doing my head in. "£5 per cubic gnats fart of extension" is not something I can translate to what im actually likely to pay.

  • Location?
    75k for basic side return and extension on small Victorian terrace. That’s not including glass or architect fees. Or kitchen.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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