How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Submitted to suppliers for pricing on velfac / rational / flush aluminum. is a lorra lorra glass. guesses for supply and fit please - winner gets a £5 boots gift card

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  • £17k supply Velfac, £3k to fit.

  • Think that slider might be outside the velfac max leaf width.

  • You defo know more than me but I'm going to go lower... 14K + 2.5K fit.

  • Maybe just okay ?

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  • as an architect we're presumably not adding VAT ?

  • £27k

  • Try Munster Joinery, they were much cheaper than Rational for us:

    We got a similar amount of glass: 10 windows, 3 doors and a large french double door (all Passivhaus triple glazed units) for £7,250 fitted.

  • good lord - what a tip off - taking out loan now ;-)

  • nah - claim it back, file under research and development or personal office renno'

  • Dark green cabinets, white quartzy looking silestone tops with upstands . Mix of dark green and white walls. What splashback and/or tiling? Want something very easily cleanable so potentially fewer tiles/not metro layout etc?

  • Same as the worktop?

  • I'd thought about it but worry it would be tricky for me to overlook a line joining the upstand and the wall! There's a small join in the upstands and I think about it most days. It's invisible from a distance and hidden behind the tap when standing in front of it. But I know it's there.

  • Decoglaze (or similar) backpainted glass? Can be sized to fit most runs in a single sheet and not as pricy as stone.

  • Got a picture/drawing and/or links to the Silestone spec?

  • Get the silestone and one of the thicker upstand borders for an intentional step/join

  • Ooh a step's not a bad shout. Have to be thin sheets though, our surface is only 2cm. Not sure if poss to go to 1cm. But could Def hide the join in a more pleasing way. They could also do the sills, too, then... Might get them to cost it...

  • If you use the same material, why do you need an upstand?
    I really don't understand why anyone with a backsplash that's easy to clean would have one.

  • What’s the difference between an upstand and splashback?

  • An upstand is an extension of the worktop which goes from 60 to 120mm up the wall and features along the entire length of the worksurface. A splashback is much taller, usually covering the whole height of the kitchen wall.

  • I didn't know either

  • I didn't think I could afford another 3k at the time to get the whole walls covered all the way around / like a giant splashback - or at least to eye line height where the tiles would end (this was last year when I did the bulk of the kitchen but had to pause because of a fucked wall and a plasterer dicking us around for months). Plastering is now done, last units going up, ready to decorate in the not to distant future once the plaster is dried.

    So the upstand already exists and is in situ. Upstand is only 10cm or something. I'm extremely messy. Want wipeable surfaces everywhere.

    Heard back from the stone people and yes they do 1cm thick for non load bearing surfaces, but they also do a 4mm thick 'dekton slim', also by cosentino (same manufacturer as silestone) which they say can be matched pattern wise to the surface. So I might get them to do some previz (because i have no imagination). But it also means that I don't have to clean grout ever, which I'm all for.

  • Splash back to match worktop can be a strong look, and surely would negate need for upstand?

    Always likes this Joseph Dirand kitchen for reference.

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  • Love that … big house energy

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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