How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Is it mad to have an induction hob under a roof light? Even if we had a Bora style draught extractor?

  • Mine will be almost under and maybe no extraction.

  • (Yea, it’s mad)

  • I guess I'll wait until yours is done and then boil some stuff to stress test it.

  • I don't have a proper over oven extractor in the brief for my kitchen

  • Some references I was peeping

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  • That last ones the dream.
    Would like that kinda cladding on my loft but prob too risky for a builder who hasn’t done it before. Going real natural slate btw to match the roof. Also, taps, do I go spenny with Arte Form to match the main bathroom, save a couple of hundred with lusso stone, or spend half as much on cheap stuff? I think I’d feel sad without arte form.

  • I got two Vola HV1 off eBay for a song…

    That’s not an offer btw, but set up a search for what you want and you might get lucky.

  • Nice eh !? - just painted timber - by rural office - they only do dreamy.

    I need to fire up potatoshop and test some looks.

  • What's an appropriate response time for a quote after discussing work? I've been waiting 3 weeks for a price back from an electrician and 1 week for the builder/carpenter to get back to me.

  • I reckon 1 - 2 weeks. People are usually busy and it takes a bit of time to sit down and properly work out a quote. But if it's been more than 3 I'd be questioning their interest in the job/admin capabilities!

  • Okay then front runner I think … white oiled timber boards - red post - polish up the existing alu top trim .

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  • nice

  • Nothing wrong with a gentle reminder that you are waiting for a price. With lots of trades the work/life balance is often blurred. A reminder that you are waiting on a quote will often be helpful.

  • Sparks are a fuckin nightmare.

  • They’re *shocking *

    (forgive me)

  • That's quite a nice colour :). I guess you don't plan on running out of power sockets....

    I don't know, it's getting close to peak socket now

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  • After 2+ years in the making work starts today.
    Great timing as the gbp crashes in value 👍 😅

  • Exciting stuff! Looking forward to the updates.

  • Any recommendations for electric UFH or will this stuff from Screwfix work? Tiny 3m2 bathroom, to be installed under tiles

  • Is it crazy to think about a bath / shower mixer tap for my large free standing utility sink?
    There are two tap holes, 28mm.

    Most pull out kitchen taps are single hole at 34mm.
    I could drill a bigger hole and blank out the other one, but the tap will always be off to one side.

  • Has anyone ever removed a fireplace surround? Have been looking at this ugly thing since we bought our house 18 months ago and now that baby is crawling I’m thinking of tearing it out to get rid of the sharp edges (we have a fireplace guard around it but it draws your eye to how ugly it is even more now), but not sure what to expect behind it.

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  • As a follow on from the above, my intention would be to plaster up to the opening for the fire, leaving a clean edge around the opening, tile whatever bit of the floor doesn’t have timber, and put a stove there instead. Or if there is timber flooring all the way to the wall I’d consider blocking up the opening and putting a media unit there instead with the stove in the corner of the room at the gable end.

  • The surround should just be a fascia on the front of the brickwork. Easy enough to remove with destructive fun stuff like crowbars and lump hammers (standard PPE advice of course) but will definitely create a lot of mess/dust and require making good.

    What's behind it will probably depend on the age/style of the original fireplace, either a deeper Victorian style for an old open coal fire, or maybe just a shallower recess for the back of the one visible.

    There almost definitely won't be any matching timber flooring underneath that hearth - maybe concrete, potentially just compacted dirt and rubble! Unless it's really new and simply plonked on top recently.

  • It’s a new enough build, mid 90’s, but I guess it’s hard to tell short of just pulling it out and assessing the situation.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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