How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • At first glance it feels like there isnt much worktop compared to the size of that aga.
    Wonder if making the bottom left bit the fridge and a larder might be an option?

  • I was going to say the same, even if you just swap fridge to bottom left and move worktop to where fridge is, might be a nicer cooking experience.

  • Useful worktop space is king. As others have said put the fridge in the bottom left.

    Also if you can swap one of the base and wall units to a full height pantry unit with drawers you'll be surprised how much they can fit. We have all our non perishable foodstuff for a family of 4 in one.
    Maybe the fridge and a pantry unit would fit in the bottom left with some jiggling gaps

  • I’d change the wall cabinets top left as well to 800/900 so doors line up.

  • @giles337 @Grumpy_Git @chrisbmx116 Goddamn, this is exactly the sort of feedback I was hoping for! Picture of that corner for reference. I'll have a play around a bit more with the planner.

    Floors so cold we have to have a rug in there...

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  • Walls and roof nearly done. It's taking twice as long as I'd originally hoped. No boiler or kitchen now for 6 weeks. Lol.

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  • Looks like it’s built on the piss too!
    Nah looking good.
    We were in a pretty similar situation, living out of our bedroom, cooking on a camp stove.

  • Love those dogs at the back of a mid-terrace. There's a house near me that has fairly big lions out front, they don't fit facing each other so one's side on. Always makes me laugh.

  • If anyone likes a challenge, is there any better way to layout this bathroom? This is in it's current config, the left of the shower is a built in cupboard which hides all the shower bits too.

    Bath/shower combo is a no go and the ceiling slopes to the end wall so no shower that side.

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  • I'm undecided what to do with them. I have a ginger cat ATM so the dogs feel wrong. But I'd like a whippet. So I might keep them.

  • Hi all, touch wood about to renovate a total wreck of a place. Has anyone installed an air source heat pump and do you have any tips does don'ts etc?

    Will be replacing all windows and insulating floors and probably walls

  • Had a recommended kitchen guy over yesterday and quoted me 9-12k for building work and fitting of an 8.5k kitchen. Bit shocked - thought it'd maybe be the price of the units again but not so open ended. Need an itemised quote to get my head around these numbers.

  • Do you mind if i ask where this is - London or elsewhere?

  • Manchester, which is a bit wild - guy did say that he was pricey, but he's been given a glowing recommendation by someone who does not mince her words.

  • Hmmm - does seem reasonably high but do you say there is building work involved too - is that a reasonable amount or quite straightforward?

    Makes me nervous as I need to get quotes soon for London so expect that to be worse still!

  • We just paid about 18k + 19k for our building work and kitchen units.

    that was no appliances, floors or sink/tap so your numbers sound pretty good.


  • Has the £40k kitchen become unavoidable?!

  • We need a lintel raised in a chimney breast to fit an extractor in, walls all need skimming, and the ceiling needs batten and boarding. Tiles on the floor that all need to come up as well so theres a scrim that needs to go down. YMMV.

    If I could take a few weeks off work, I feel like I could make a pretty decent dent in the work excl. gas and electrics. Quote mentions 7-10 days so he values the work day rate at over a grand a day incl his markup.

  • Referenced this joke to mum and dad on the phone last night. Needed the emotional support.

    @Grumpy_Git Our numbers are without appliances too, but that's pretty pricey. We're FTB and we've spent 4k on rewire, 3k on a new boiler and 7k on a kitchen within the first year so it just feels very punchy. Happy with how it's going/gone?

  • Lol a grand a day labour? That's a bit rich even if 3 of them working on it. Two of them a grand a day? Mega lolz.

  • I know - I really hope there's a surprising amount of building materials included.

  • Bath at far end under window.
    Shower beside bath on left wall.
    Single peice of glass shower enclosure effectively making the bath inside the shower.
    Vanity on right wall.
    Toilet behind the door, always behind the door.

  • You said building work? Not fitting?

  • Sorry - both. Asked for more of a breakdown so I know what that 9-12k breakdown includes.

    Have you had your new kitchen installed already Ed? #creeper

  • We've been in our place coming up a year. Walked in to the carpets crawling with bugs so had a journey and our own hidden expenses.

    Our kitchen was a local one man band who makes his own ply kitchens. I decided it's the last kitchen I ever want to buy so sucked it up and killed my savings. The only things I've hated so far is our wonky floor and not remembering to have any of the trades include to plumb the sink in.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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