How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Anyone know what sort of cost you're looking at for hench triple glazing pm² / normal semi?

    Same Q for good quality double glazing I guess.


  • That escalated quickly etc.

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  • Trying to decide on paint colours for windows… and was thinking top left but decided to paint the whole frames

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  • And now I think my preference is Left to Right in that order

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  • Windows won’t be leaded but will be timber framed though different to these. Technically we are supposed to replace them with like for like…

  • Thinking about installing lights above the new kitchen window whilst the house is a mess anyway, anyone got similar ?

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  • Ah that is interesting, lots of 1*!
    What do you mean superfront? Any links? Sounds good

  • Yes of course have a look here:

  • Does anyone have a Benchmarx kitchen and is the quality / longevity any good?

  • Finally had our toilet/wetroom installed (well everything except the electrics), and as someone who completely fucked up my back a few weeks ago it feels pretty bloody good to have a toilet that isn't just on the 2nd floor in the loft conversion!

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  • how are you keeping your loo roll dry?

  • It's in a box?

  • i guess i should have asked what box

    Edit Found it?

  • The white box with the black face is a waterproof toilet roll holder, there's a surprising amount of them online but this one seems to work, the black container behind the toilet is waterproof as well and has a couple of extras. They seem to be working well atm.

    The water from the shower drains straight away and there's zero build up of water on the floor (kind of amazed tbh). In reality the shower is only going to be used when we have guests so even if it was a problem it wouldn't be a big issue to just take the toilet roll out when people have a shower.

  • Thanks, we wanted to do something similar a while ago but ended up taking more room than we would have liked to separate the loo and shower. Good to see it can be done like this

  • Yeah, the room it's partitioned from was a tiny 3rd bedroom that I use as a studio and needed to be able to still use it for that. Initially we'd designed it bigger with it all separate but it made the studio room pretty much unusable.

    Doing it like this has left me with an L shaped room but with a corner desk and having a pocket door means there's no dead space and works great.

    There's loads of bad ideas I've had which I'd rather change whilst doing work on our house but this is one thing I'm really happy with.

  • Id just embrace wetroom life and do away with toilet roll. De-robe every time.

  • Tbf the thought has occurred to me 😂

  • Would you mind sharing the dimensions of this room?

  • Not at all.

    Externally it's 2m x 1.06 and internally it's about 1.80m x 0.90m. The toilet cistern is the smallest one I could find, the frame itself only takes up 90mm but needed about 50mm more for the soil pipe. (edit - added extra 0 by mistake for these)

    When I sketched all out and even when I physically laid it out I thought it might be tight but the proportions fell great, nothing feels cramped or compromised. I reckon you could lose 30cm of length and it would still work, wouldn't be as comfortable but would definitely be functional.

  • Thank you; how does the width feel?

    I’m looking to build a similar thing, which will end up ~800mm wide.

  • Width is good, I can move 360 under the shower without thinking about space, 80cm wouldn't be an issue imo, just make sure you build a cavity shelf in the wall for shampoo soap etc, not sure you can make it out in my photo but it's a must really to maximise the space.

  • Is there a reason the toilet isn't centred on the wall?

  • Gives a little more space from the shower and I want little waterproof unit in there.

  • On showers, looking at something exposed and traditional looking. Victoria plumb has quite a lot. Is this £280 more than this because of brand name or will it be a better shower?

    Got a toilet and vanity unit off of there. Hoping to get other stuff from a local place and expecting a quote on Tuesday. Will see how much I can knock off of that but don't think there is a much give as a kitchen shopping as they're buying it all in

    Extractor fan, hoping the builder recommend one. The wall is super thick. Bathroom shop doesn't sell them but said get twice the extraction you need

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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