How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Sounds fairly similar to what I'm looking to do - how did you find costs etc? Would be interested to hear how your work goes..

    (Sorry I don't have any tips / hints to help you though!)

  • Ha, no worries. Do you mean how many quotes did we get or how spendy is it looking ?

  • The latter - I’m trying to work out how much all ours is likely to cost!

  • Looking for opinions on our garden redesign.

    We have a small-ish garden, behind which is a large gravel parking area that we also own. Enough for probably 4 cars. So we're planning on extending the garden and putting in a garden office (v trendy right).

    Images should show it - the red line will be roughly where the extended garden boundary will be, yellow is garden office location. Small blue car isn't normally there. We'll remove the existing fence & gate and move it back (about 5m).

    Question is, do we need to put up a fence behind the new garden office (green dotted line)? We were planning to, but I'm not sure of the benefit - the back of the office will be a 2.1m wooden 'wall' so I feel like there's no reason to also have a fence behind it.

    There's no boundary with neighbours - the parking area behind is our property...

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  • Thanks, i've got it sorted now. Howdens stainless splashback is 0.8mm and £95 quid. I found this company in Essex who did me 1.2mm stainless and cut it to a custom size with next day delivery for £45

  • The thing I’d be thinking about is whether the fence protects (or makes it impossible to maintain) the garden room exterior wall facing onto the parking area.

  • Would you min d sharing the link for the company? Thinking of doing something similar. Cheers!


    They also sell through Amazon/eBay and are well reviewed there

  • Looks great! Cheers

  • Thanks, yeah I think the fence is unnecessary and would just be awkward really. I can't see any benefit.
    Virtually every other garden office seems to have a fence next to/behind it, which is probably why I originally thought we'd put one there, but on reflection I guess that's because the fence is normally already there and is the boundary.

  • Flooring…

    I need to a spec floooring for the tiny bathroom we’re having put in in a few weeks. It’s upstairs, will be joined to a bedroom with either bare wood boards or carpet (will be the last room to finish so not decided).

    I would typically go for tile in a bathroom but being an en-suite I feel like cold of tiles will be a bit harsh/cold etc.

    Cork is a no… what are all the cool kids doing?

  • Rubber from thecolourflooring co.

  • Finally out of the ground. It's only taken a month and about 8 skips.

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  • Corrrrr congrats!
    Keep the updates coming please.

  • Rubber or linoleum for a small ensuite.

  • Happy to try and give an idea and give updates along the way if there's time.

    Maybe with the enlarged window and the bifold it's working out around the 8k mark. We dithered a fair bit with final decisions which meant prices have crept up. We also needed an architect, planning consent, steel and stone lintels which all adds up. Also as we are south facing we went for blinds built into the glazing, was horribly expensive but hopefully they will last longer than standard blinds with a toddler doing his thing every day.

    Difficult to give an exact cost as we are also doing all the windows and external doors at the same time. Before we started the process I would have said we were both reasonably intelligent but it turned out to be quite complicated to get it done, so shout if you have any questions.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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