How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Just booked in with in SE5. Used them for replacement sashes in the old flat a few years ago and are getting full replacement from them this time.

    Other companies quoted much higher (or refused outright) to do full replacement, plus we like what they did previously. They’ll repair damage to plaster but not repaint walls, which suits our redecorating plans anyway.

  • I used this guy. He was excellent (did a lot of repair as well as new units into the existing frames). Handmade units with sapele and double glazing and weights were balanced so it was still easy to open. He loves his sash windows and was a real perfectionist.

  • Sounds great - have saved for reference 👍

  • That worked.

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  • Cheers guys will try both of em

  • Yeah deffo will be making sure it specified if they will be making good internally and externally.

    Have just had an offer accepted on a wreck so the internal making good won't be so much of an issue as we are gonna have to redo everything inside anyway

  • Planning the oven extractor for the kitchen - presumably if its set up so that it sends the air outside its far superior to a recirculating one?

    Seems a chunk of work, so I’m hoping to be persuaded recirculating is fine 🤞

  • If you can, do.

  • this is a bit abstract but...

    I like the idea of a kitchen island because, in the type of kitchen we're planning (L shape, against the wall) it breaks up the space and demarcates 'working area' from 'through traffic' or 'playing' areas (two young kids in house).

    But functionally, I'm not sure what else it is for. I don't want the sink there because lack of backsplash makes it messy. Same rationale for a hob.

    So what actually goes on the island? Is it a casual dining area? We'll have a proper dining table nearby. Is it a food prep area? This seems the most likely explanation but then you have to do a 180 rotation when you go from chopping to hob, etc.

    Kitchen islands - what are they good for?

  • Prep space when cooking more than a microwave meal. Works well when multiple people cooking also and can subsequently serve as a hang out spot if hosting people and cooking.

  • We use our small island just for food prep with the hob and fridge behind and sink by the side against the outside wall. I don't know if we wouldn't prefer having a U shape kitchen instead for extra storage

  • they are a good social marker :)

  • serve as a hang out spot if hosting people and cooking.

    This. Also, if you get one with a little overhang on the living side and a couple of stool, they work nicely as a breakfast bar

  • The peninsular kitchen - culdesac of aspirations

  • ^ hah dat is brutal

  • Having your hob on it is fine, regarding splashback, especially if it's 900 or 1000mm deep. I have no issues with food going on the floor etc.

  • That's good. I'm putting my hob and sink on mine

  • thanks, good points all

    i guess i can also use it for extra storage

  • Kitchen islands - what are they good for?

    repository for general crap that lives in random piles for months before getting thrown away

  • Same here, the reason our new kitchen has no island. I guess we just lack discipline

  • This is also my dining table

  • Anyone had their PVC double glazing refurbished? Long term ours will be replaced but until then the seals have all shrunk/hardened and the tilt/open mechianisms are a bit loose

  • Cheers. That is on sale at 200. Not sure if I can grab it without knowing what size I have..
    Does that work physically vented out and self circulating?

  • Not a good choice lol.
    how come? do you hit your head? I think on mine integrated looks better but being quite tall one with an angle would be better ..

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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