How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • I'm into those big time too - bit of a pain to clean I think - end up looking grubby in community/commercial spaces. Maybe okay if you're a hands and knees with a cloth person.

  • There's forbo marmoleum to consider too maybe ?

  • what do I go for in the utility corridor

    No one ever likes this suggestion but I'll give it anyway...

    ... imo you want the commercial stuff they put in restaurant and hotel kitchens with the integrated skirting boards and an integrated drain in the floor. It's hard wearing, grippy when wet, easy to clean, not too hard, the list goes on.

    If you're into the honesty of materials, there is nothing honester.

    It doesn't have to be burnt orange either. It also comes in grey:

  • With a toddler and two cats, I would happily line my entire house in this.

  • This on the floors and shoulder height cupboards and shelves on every single wall is now what I long for.

    Ideally with some sort of nano-technology coating that eats stickers.

  • I reckon finding an installer that can fit commercial stuff properly because they use it all the time and can be bothered to do a single bathroom rather than hospital ward might be tricky.

  • Isn't it just fancy epoxy?

    Mix a couple of tins of tins pour it on and Bob's your uncle.

  • Yeah good shout.
    How do I glue it down?
    (did a google, sounds self do able).

  • I've spent too many years in hospitality and too much time in hospitals to be comfortable with that.

    Good shout for anyone else though.

  • I think it is fancy lino with lino 'skirting boards' that have to be mitred and joined correctly. I've seen it done very badly with ugly gaps.

  • Fair enough. I get it. When I Google imaged and saw the blue one I got shivers.

  • Clearly I need to do more research. I thought it was special skirting that then bonded with the epoxy.

  • Bamboo Flooring Company

    I've used these guys and would also recommend although we put it on a wall instead of a floor.

  • Original boards are no good?

  • As @jellybaby said, it's a lino that gets mitred properly so it's one unit. The mitres/joins are then "welded" together. I don't hink I'm using Tiktok right as my feed is full of people doing construction and DIY. Some of the videos have been people doing the "welding" on these floors. There's a bead of some sort of plastic that is melted in place by a special tool.

  • Nah, real shit how... boards falling apart, all over the shop. That was the original plan.

  • Wondering whether to create a Notion for all of the various tips and guidance in this thread.

  • Yes please do.
    I'll pop it in the first post if you do.

  • What's in the hall?

  • Floorboards that were in better condition.

  • See

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  • Rob parry, nice.
    Am looking into getting a set of grete jalk for France and son.. just almost a month of salary after taxes... (Don't become an architect people!)
    Never replied to your pm aeons ago; well nice your extention. I see you've been recommending them on to 'loins there.

  • Scaffold builders are lethally stupid. Visited a very cool building site of the Pergamon Museum last week with a firm doing the outer plaster as a reference for my project.
    Whilst we were inspecting it up close on the scaffolding things started dropping down.
    the guy was like; the scaffolders are at it; let's get down. 1 minute later a piece of scaffolding came flying down 15meters landing on just about the spot where we'd been 30seconds before.
    "That construction helmet wouldn't have done much against that" the builder shouted.
    Ahhh bless. Looking fwd to start building my project from September!

  • Also, the bathroom is shaping up very nicely! Will check in again in a few weeks to see the final result!

  • Is cork not a bad idea in a bathroom, with its high humidity. Would certainly take a lot of maintenance to keep it well sealed.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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