How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • It looks like it was screeded before the current tiles were put down if that's what you're asking? I was sort of hoping to avoid a step up to prevent for 'flow' and having to increase the height of the door as well, but I guess you can't win them all!

    The FiL did wonder about replacing the floor as well, similar to your block replacement suggestion, but would probably be beyond our price scope. I'm hesitant to even start looking at quotes knowing I'll have to start compromising right out of the gate.

    So loose idea would be to end up take the kitchen out, lift the floor and insulate to 150-170mm, increase the height of doors and start afresh with a new floor for the kitchen, and then go from there?

  • Could you put wet UFH in to it? So it radiates heat rather than sucking it out?

  • I did see somewhere that cut ugh channels into a concrete slab to keep the floor the sameish height, but not sure that assures structural strength with a block and beam floor.

    I’ve not got a way of measuring the floor thiccccness at the moment to help with that.

    Any idea how much height ufh + screed adds to a floor?

  • The screed is extremely unlikely to be structural in a small span residential floor.

  • Does anyone know where I can get replacement drawer fronts to match existing Wren ones? Last time I looked in to it it was going to be horrendously expensive ordering from Wren, I believe as they have a massive RRP and then 'discount' if you're buying a whole kitchen's worth of stuff.

  • Sorry - I was pondering how deep into the block and beam I could channel for UFH before it goes incredibly… unwise.

  • Ah, I see. Not at all ideally. Can you not cut the channels into the existing screed?

    Or remove/reduce the screed and lay an electric mat?

  • Bathroom extractor fans, any good ones? Having a wet room installed and want one that actually works unlike the piece of shit in my other bathroom right now.

  • Charlie DIY on YouTube did a video on this. He also referenced a company that were really helpful on the phone.

    So I'd watch that, then give whoever it was a call with your room dimensions.

  • I've got this going spare­ICON30.html?ad_position=&source=adwords&­ad_id=548367304023&placement=&kw=&networ­k=g&matchtype=&ad_type=&product_id=&prod­uct_partition_id=&version=finalurl_v3&gc­lid=EAIaIQobChMIi4CjufbK9wIVW-rtCh1mUAXI­EAAYAiAAEgICtPD_BwE
    Installed in our kitchen for about a week but we couldn't create a hole big enough to make it fit nicely so replaced with smaller Airflow 15 which is great.
    Make me an offer if you want it - happy to post

  • Airflow 15 which is great.

    Is this a humidity one?

    I'm idley looking for my brick shed and a small home appeals.

  • Both sound like solid ideas (as I have no idea!). Cheers for the advice though - maybe I'm making a lot of fuss over nothing.

  • There's a humidity module/timer/PIR you can attach but it's an extra £100+

  • The humidity one without PIR is about £35, I bought one yesterday.

    Another happy icon airflow 30 user here. Worked fine since 2009, so well in fact that we are relocating it rather than replace it as we refit the bathroom.

  • Cheers. No need for a pir, just a humidity module.

    Time to get searching I guess.

  • what is this, a barge?

  • random one, do you have the dimensions of that room please? looks ace!

  • Kitchen mixer taps low pressure whats good to replace this

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  • My girlfriend had her bathroom split into a utility and bathroom, and the entire bathroom was replaced. 99% sure she didn't get any building reg sign off or certificates of anything. Where is a good place to educate yourself on what you need signing off and might this affect onward sale? The guy who did it wasn't a cowboy (As far as i could tell)
    I am hoping to have my kitchen and bathroom replaced soon, with some stud work moving things. Want to do it right.

  • Not a bathroom or kitchen and struggling with thread choice (this, home owners, DIY...) so anywhere here goes. Had my windows refurbed recently by a lovely chap in his 60s who was a pleasure to be around (flip phone, same jumper every day, great knowledge). Planning to fit a new radiator in the room after the decorators have finished up.

    I was going to fit a big column cast iron style radiator under the windows to save wall space elsewhere for sideboard/welsh dresser. However, this 1) blocks view of nice woodwork (through the radiator will be nice) and 2) means my curtains (shutters = ££££) will interfere with heat getting to the room, unless I have curtains which only do window length. Any hive suggestions on where to get a decent radiator from (also need some for bedroom) and where to stick it in this room? Old one was opposite the fireplace and not powerful enough

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  • The regs are available online so you can check your own compliance.

    Do a bit of reading around your local authority BC service. They usually have prices etc online. Also try and work out if they’re a PITA.

    As an example, I would never use Hackney BC as I know from direct experience there’s on officer who is stupid and / or wilfully negligent. I imagine other authorities are fine.

    Work out the price from your council, then get a quote from a couple of private BC companies. They’re usually a bit more compliant, but that might not matter in your case.

  • Cheers. There is an email so I will write to them. First bit of googling doesn't mention about replacing a bathroom or stud work, seems to be about more substantial work

  • We have the same, with the overrun timer. Its fitted into an airbrick and the cover flap things do a decent job of keeping the howling winds out.

  • We want to remodel downstairs in the apartment we are buying. The internal walls are mainly removable, but the wall in the kitchen space with the hob on it has soil pipes running from above, then also provides the pipes for the sink and dishwasher. We want a kitchen in the front of the house and a living space in the back, and mainly open plan. Interested in any thoughts about how people would remodel.

  • The idea we have after looking round with our builder is something like this

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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