How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • The main problem we're having with our ikea kitchen (3 years old) is that the hinges that are sunk into the cabinets are over time damaging the cabinets and thus you can't tighten them back up because they're screwed into what appears to be cheese.

  • There’s a hack for that:

    Hinge Repair Plate,2PCS Cabinet Hinge Repair Brackets, Kitchen Cupboard Door Hinge Repair Plate Kit with Hole, Stainless Steel Flat Fixing Brace Brackets with Screws­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_YCVF7MCS83XQ0­T8HSGQX?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

  • unreal, buying a bunch of these

  • i'm not sure if the design has changed, but the IKEA hinges i fitted simply press-fit into the doors and then clamp into place, no screws to go loose

    edit sorry just re-read your post. they do still screw into the cabinets which i guess is the problem you're having

  • After an unexpected covid delay (we had to isolate), scaffold came down from the back of the house today, and painter and carpenter came and sorted out their remaining bits, with plumber coming to put a rad back on at some stage too.

    Carpet tomorrow, electrician for a pendant light and bathroom mirror on Friday and then done.

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  • Is it normal to pay a deposit to a bathroom fitter? We've ordered all the stuff ourselves, he's coming next week to do the installation - and has asked for £1200 deposit in advance. Seems reasonable enough but would appreciate views...

  • we're getting ours done now and paid half up front on the day he started - second time using him and paying this way.

  • So we heard back from our architects today, rather than a February start date it’s looking more like August on top of that due to the increasing costs of building materials it’s been suggested we have to further narrow the scope of work or increase the budget.
    I’m now considering what to do and whether to just sack it off.

    I think we really need to get a better handle on the costs of the works either from them or a QS and from there make a decision. It’s not that we can’t afford it but there comes a point where you kind of have to question the value of it

  • Sort of don't improve, move you mean?

    That's what I always wonder with ours if we did a loft and rear x.

  • @Tenderloin you will probably sell for £200k more than you bought for.

  • I really like this house, where it is and the plans we have would make it great and could see us being here much longer. If it were just up to me we’d go for the full thing but my wife is less keen. And I suppose we have to be slightly sensible.

    @revenant. I think we’d have made some money but not that much.

  • @hugo7 I pretty much don’t want to move and do want to improve but also it seems to be costing 20%+ more to do so than 12-18m ago 😔

  • We don’t ask for any money until finsihed. If it’s labour only I’d personally struggle to want to give anyone money until they are finished unless it’s material heavy

  • Occasionally I've found thin super glue can wick into cardboard based sheet goods and cure to a reasonable hardness to let your screws hold.

    If you screw in "wet" then additionally the gluenacts as threadlock

  • Sounds about the norm right now. Maybe look at what’s going to have the biggest quantity of life improvements and just focus on them? I imagine sorting downstairs/kitchen will make the biggest change. Fwiw my cousin just had to spend 200k on a very standard Reno, it’s expensive out there!

  • We did recently. Think I argued them down to it being split between advance deposit and first day of work rather than all advance.

  • is this on woodstock road ?

  • Should have known someone would chime in on that.
    The amount of work he wanted done cost that much money, it was a lot of work but nothing fancy. Building work is expensive atm.

  • @Tenderloin what are your other options? I don't think life outside of London would suit you :)

    This thread is also giving me the fear on the house we have a bid on that needs a full reno. Could be a lot of beans on toast for dinner. The additonal advantage being that a primus stove is so much more afforable than a de vol kitchen.

  • Nope - I’m in south Walthamstow on Leyton boarder

  • ok : ) i was at a friend place and the neightbouring house was being done up in the same fashion, same orientation too.
    I'd be keen to know what surface you've added/ what budget this was, pm me if you are ok to release some info

  • Well yeah that was the initial budget and now it would need to start with a 3

  • Don’t want to leave London. Looked at what would be available around us if we just bought a more expensive house but it’s a never ending game.

    If we sack off adding an en-suite upstairs and just living with one main bathroom upstairs and one shower room downstairs then I think we can make the budget work but I did really want an en-suite 😔

  • Get done what you want done imo, even if it is a stretch. Will feel worth it in 5 years.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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