How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Regarding waste, your in Bristol right? I've seen plenty of people just putting the old bath on the street, filling it up with the waste from job and getting a waste removal guy to come and pick it all up. Usually costs less than £100.

  • Why? Other than just 'because trade'

    It's just stuff. You can buy all the parts to put a PC together despite that not being your day job. Likewise bikes, likewise just about anything else. I'm not asking them for their expertise and they're putting no more time into selling to me than they would someone in the trade.

    You'll get better prices if you buy lots, but that's separate to having an account with them, and I wouldn't expect I'd get preferential rates if I'm buying small volumes.

    But when I was boarding out my loft for example then it was cheaper for me to get Selco to deliver than for me to go to B&Q. Sod paying extra for the same pieces of chipboard just because it comes from a B&Q warehouse instead of a Selco one.

  • I just have horror show memories of cork getting sticky and rank. We had cork walls and angled ceilings in the flat when I lived with semi retired pornographer Mike Hunt and Hiro, but that's another story.

    Tiles also sounds horrible in terms of shit getting in the cracks even with semi regular attempts at cleaning (wait til your offspring starts eating solids and you'll want a solid surface too).

    But am open to be convinced - link to good ones?

    Plastering though can fuck off.

  • sticky and rank

    semi retired pornographer

    is it cork that is the problem… ?

  • I think he hadn't cleaned them since he bought it in the 70s and I didn't feel it was in my remit as 'human not wanting to catch something' to do so.

  • So for example, the said trade has to make some money on the materials. If they give "trade" accounts to every tom dick and harry you can then see prices that the said trade is getting haven't they got to make any mark up for all the hassle and kickback and a labour only price depending on what trade you do isn't always only about only.

    You cant setup a trade account from any bike wholesalers unless you've got a shop, so it not just stuff in your opinion.

  • So for example, the said trade has to make some money on the materials

    Sane customers know that and don't mind.

    If they give "trade" accounts to every tom dick and harry you can then see prices that the said trade is getting

    I wouldn't expect all "trade" customers to get the same discount. In my line of work at different companies I've had between 20% and 94% discount on the same product for example.

  • Yeah but the customers wanting to get the materials maybe understand it but don’t care. They are the ones I do try to avoid thought. The problem is now that even with a trade account, the customers are getting the same price. Screwfix etc etc etc is fucking up the plumbing heating merchants, an example with our trade account I can’t get a boiler cheaper than I can online and we've got an account that’s got thousands a month going through it. Merchants are saying we don’t make any money on boilers and you have to do all the running about to get it etc.

  • I don’t expect to pay retail prices if trades pay trade, I’m not paying someone to pick something up.

  • Off to find a nice bit of stone or polished concrete for the vanity this morning... Hoping to get an offcut because spendy...

  • What. So do you go to morrisons and go well im no paying a quid for this loaf you only paid 50p for it. Why should you be entitle to trade prices when your not trade? You've missed the point, they are just picking it up, it all the other stuff that comes along with it, if by your method you deserve trade prices on bike parts because in reality the bike shops only ordering it in. Stupidity

  • All sorted, bottom right will be what the basin sits on, above that is the floor tile and to the left the wall tiles... I just need to decide how deep the stone vanity is gonna be, either 40mm or 60mm... Some vague inspo attached, I hope ours will look better with a more contrasty (fake) woodgrain texture and a nicer basin/tap combo...

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  • You're Bristol based aren't you? Do you have any numbers please?

    Result on your bath lol. She got a new sofa the other day, the old one was literally crap and it within an hour of being listed for free on FB marketplace had 5+messages...

    Her road has bins at the end of the road (really narrow street) and there is often mattresses/kitchen sinks etc dumped there

  • Indeed Bristol! Any numbers by any chance?

    I am doing my own flat up soon (last stages of buying it hopefully) and asked the people selling this who did it up and if they would recommend them. They really recommended the bathroom fitter - who is doing my girlfriend's flat.

    Mine will need kitchen/bathroom/bit of decorating that I can't do myself/ sash window refurbs and loads of shit so if you have any recommendations for anyone you've used please can you let me know?

  • These guys communicated well, turned up when they said they would turn up etc.

    I really, really hope they didn't just fly tip it in Stoke Park but I guess you never know

    Also would recommend Nailsea Electrical for kitchens

  • I guess you never know

    Check their waste carriers licence? Not a guarantee but less likely to fly tip it down the road.

  • What am I looking for? They have one, I've checked and it is in date. There appears to be virtually no other information.

  • I think that's all really, just that they have one.

  • How important is an extractor fan in a bathroom with a big window in it?

  • I've been using an open window for several years, but finally about to replace the extractor. Main issue is you lose a lot more heat in winter and as well as a cold bathroom that also means more condensation hangs around on the walls. In summer it's fine.

  • What happens when you're left with a tiny slither of tile at the bottom of a wall? I think I'm gonna have this issue, what would a tiler do? Make multiple slivers out of one tile or would they only use the edges of the tile so you only get a max of two out of each tile?

    Does that make sense? I only ask because it's going to considerably affect how many tiles I buy...

  • Don’t think they would sliver up one tile - cut edges at top or bottom of runs are usually hidden by mastic or Caulk. One tile could make two slivers tho - ie. two sub half tiles - with cut edges to the floor

  • Also always order 10% extra for wastage / defects / fuck ups

  • One tile could make two slivers tho - ie. two sub half tiles - with cut edges to the floor

    This is what I imagined, thanks for confirming... 🙃

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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