How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • 100% recommend if only for cost plans at key points (ie: before planning, early/mid tender). The initial will ensure you are in the right ballpark whilst making a number of assumptions based on finishes/buildups that will be confirmed at a later stage. The 2nd will pick up on these along with any other scope creep items that will inevitably weave into the project.

    A good cost plan should include itemised line items for each of the build stages (demolition, superstructure, internal finishes, fixtures and fittings, services et al, along with preliminaries and a contingency) so you can assess expensive elements and make judgement calls during the project rather than having a huge shock and needing to undo work once you get tender returns. It will be stripped out of costs so that tendering contractors can all price the same document and allow you to assess tender returns like-for-like. Ongoing, the document and associated return will be used for monthly valuations to best ensure you are only paying for works undertaken.

  • Is it just me or does it not actually look like 50 sqm? Agree it is nice but don't see how it is e.g. 5m X 10m

  • assume it’s something like 20 sqm new mass + 30 sqm refurbished

  • Yeah, that's incredible for 40k!

  • Yeah I guess - maybe that's what drags the £ down? Refurb should be cheaper than build...

  • Any clues on where would give the best lead time on kitchen units and work surface? Would prefer all under one roof. Have been faffing and need kitchen done by Feb 5th but DIY Kitchens, where I've measured up so far are saying earliest is week starting 17th Jan. I can't get any sense out of IKEA - do wren/howdens/magnet etc have quicker leads in any forum experience?

  • @SteadyCam saw this and thought of your designs

  • Howdens keep their kitchens in stock in their depots, so if it’s all designed and chosen, you can often have it delivered in a week.
    I got kitchen designed, made some changes, and once paid for, I had it delivered in 5 days.

    They have worktops in stock too, including some 20mm Quartz, any Quartz, granite normally gets templated after units are in, so kitchen won’t be functional for a few more weeks if that’s what you want.

    You need a trade account, or a kitchen fitter to purchase it through.

    Downside is no financing options, which is normal for Wren, Magnet, etc.
    Also much less options on colours and appliances.

    I think Wren, Magnet, Wickes lead times are fairly substantial at the moment. Wickes was our preference until my mate sorted me out with a great price on the Howdens.

  • That's really helpful, thank you - maybe I'll look up a local fitter then. Don't need appliances - just units/surface and potentially some help fitting.

    Does it make a difference which branch we contact - there are several near us. Are they independent of each other / would out-quote/compete in price?

  • If you go for howdens and a local fitter. See what relationship they have. Howdens dont publish their prices and varies from purchase to purchase.

  • Thanks - never considered them on our old place as trade only and we went the DIY route. Will see what google turns up for Devon based fitters.

  • Really nice stuff there.

  • I think the point about lofts was to give a pointer on ease and cost.

    Relative to blockwork, is it cheaper, easier, faster, lighter (and so less demanding of foundations)?

    No experience, but thinking it through I'd be surprised if it would be less demanding of foundations. Or more to the point that I'd be surprised if you were allowed to have weaker foundations.

    Judging by builds near us once groundworks are complete block work is super fast. So again I'd be surprised if there's much in it for a 2nd storey.

    Less brick and concrete means the carbon footprint should be lower.

  • 8 asked so far and earliest availability is August 🙃

  • Do it yourself! Its just building cupboards and screwing them into walls.

    1. No one asked you. Corner camper.

    2. That's the plan but can't get cupboards before late Jan which is mighty tight for needing it done by 5th Feb (what if they get delayed etc). So looking into Howdens but it's trade only.

    1. Its my thread glory hound.
    2. Ikea, wood worktop, screw driver, done.
    1. There was already a Home DIY thread, this isn't reddit, you don't get upvotes.
    2. I can't be trusted with wooden worktops. Also IKEA units appear not available in the sizes I'd planned elsewhere.
  • Could you get the trade folks to order it for you and you do the build? Or is the availability for the cabinets themselves?

  • That's kind of what I want anyway - will ask - though I wonder what they'd charge for doing so.

  • I reckon you should be able to get someone that will be willing to do that against a pre-agreed fee. Not much hassle for them and bit of cash coming in.

  • So looking into Howdens but it's trade only

    I've seen talk of people setting up their own companies and registering for a Howdens account. Seems a bit of a faff though.

  • I mean, I have a company - and maybe that's a way to claim back the VAT as currently can't see how it'd be possible as it's not exactly business use. Am I a property developer now? Is this how that works?

  • You need to build sets for filming production.

  • My kitchenaid was a prop for a spec shoot..:/

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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