How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Basically, can I just transfer someone here some money, go away for the weekend and have it all done when I get back? Thanks

  • Yeah, took out the fridge because I forgot how much they cost / I'm looking at a £2.5k vented hob I really don't need (but hate overhead extraction) so figured I have a functional (just) fridge that will do because who needs more fluorinated hydrocarbons sailing around.

  • Yes it’s me.
    7 years in Belmarsh with no internet access but it looks like didn’t miss much.

  • I think we voted to eat Balki at some stage. Other than that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Would rather eat Baklava TBH.

  • I mean you've kinda said it, big windows heat loss, 2 large opening heat loss. You want to restrict the movement of air id say for a start.

  • thanks - yup I'm fairly confident that closing off the space from the rest of the house + covering the windows would help significantly, just need someone w/actual expertise to ratify my common sense before I go shooting the money guns. going to get someone from south seeds round to do one of their free 'energy audits' anyway, to see what they think about this and other things I can do around the rest of the place

  • Where is @Balki, did he come back to Oz?

  • Cheers, turns out that Generique isn't some fancy brand but just generic stuff.

    I did get stung by the lack of autosave though.

  • Id block or restrict the spaces for a start, even if its just temp to see what a difference it will make.

  • Looking for advice/recommendation for a "traditional" style kitchen mixer tap.
    Nothing fancy - don't need a filter or boiling water.
    The only thing that bothers me is that it lasts for 5 years.
    There's a bewildering range and varying prices - looking to pay up to £150.
    Plumbworld looks cheap - are they decent/better than Victorian Plumbing or Victoria Plumb?
    My wife prefers either a bridge style or simple mixer lever style.
    I'm checking what EC1 bathrooms has in stock as they are close to my work and seem to get the thumbs up from here :-)

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  • I've always been told that Crosswater (brand) are the lowest ok quality taps, EC1 stock them so hopefully they will have something suitable.

  • Thanks - I've just looked up the Crosswater Belgravia range - seems good altho bit pricey

  • EC1 tend to knock a bit off, so you never know...

  • Don't get a traditional one - they are shit.­pull-out-mono-mixer-kitchen-tap/p28076

    Is in budget and possibly not shit (we have a spendier version of it, it's great).

  • Shit as in don't work very well - or look naff?

  • They look OK but are harder to use than a mono mixer and unless you get one with an extendable neck they make a mess.

    And you get two damp patches on your sink surround compared to just one with the mono ;)

  • bricking up that end window would give more layout options TBF.

  • unfortunately i think i've got to bin off the 2m wide marmoleum flooring sheet idea for my kitchen for various boring reasons.
    has anyone any experience of the marmoleum click tiles?
    they're more expensive per m² but it looks like i can DIY it, they're loose lay, and it should allow me to floor half of the room then move stuff onto it before finishing the other half...

  • And so it begins...
    This feels like it uses the space the smartest, not sure what to do about cladding yet, and need to work out cost of brick walls vs wood, I'd love a proper brick extension on the outrigger but doubt I can afford it.
    Soil stack runs from the top left of that floorpan so not a massive run to get the new loo to it (and would box in somehow).

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  • Any recommendation for something similar in brushed/matt steel? Toolstation don't seem to stock a similar model.

  • We have one of these it's good!

  • That's not going to be much good for cooking on then, is it.

    What software is that by the way?

  • The problem with the first style is that opening / closing the taps can twist the whole thing around.

    Worth making sure that the cartridges are a standard(ish) size - they'll probably need replacing at some point.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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