How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Think someone was looking for Scottish architects- Loadermonteith seem to do some rly nice stuff

  • Lovely stuff there.

  • Don't love the sink in the corner but needs must - don't want it too close to the hob?

    I don't really want a full height wall either, surely it just makes it feel cramped/looming?

    Plan attached. Can't do a horse shoe because doors at both ends and low window.

    Looking at it top down I'm going to build a built-in table thing with a bench against the top wall where the old fireplace used to be (long since covered up). Planning to bring a new fridge into the alcove on the top left (currently the fridge is outside in the hallway - far from ideal).

    Get a matching cupboard to fit around the eye line mounted boiler which is currently boxed in all the way to the floor. Use the space under as a tall cleaning space (brooms/hoover/mop etc - currently it's just shitty shelves filled with arts and craft tat).

    Then a low bench in the same style (I'll build from mdf/battens and clad in the same unit fascias) from the new boiler boxing underneath the window to where the units/work surface start. Then an L shaped run that somehow fits in the sink, hob, washing machine and dishwasher on the same wall. New morning/mrs cyoa consultation is now open to a tall unit for the oven.

    Above the pan drawers on the left will be some kind of open shelf (probably peg board or something simple for now) for books/plants/accoutrements then above the hob a pan rack with knife rack nearby on that wall somewhere.

    Then on the bit of wall next to the chimney stack / the door to the utility room, have a coffee counter (reduced depth unit with worksurface/splashbacks ) and an open shelf above it for coffee machine (technivorm, so no need to plumb in)/grinder/cups etc.

    Basically many times the storage and surface we currently put up with and crucially no longer the rotting/falling apart mess we inherited (and haven't progressed) three years ago.

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  • Let’s get this in and chat over a chicken dinner.

  • Is that your what.three.words address?


  • Main question is: where is your dishwasher?
    I realise that you have 60cm less in the back, and basin placement might be impossible, but thought I'd share anyway because windows and size are similar to a kitchen I had installed a few years ago.

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  • Here we go! This is a smarter way of doing it IMO.
    That looks like a render.

  • Thanks - there's no dishwasher currently. In my latest plan I've got rid of the washing machine (can stay in the utility room for now) and the new dishwasher is added next to the sink:­AS0

    The sink is where the current sink is and the oven is where the current oven is.

    I like your layout - just not sure it'd be practical on a DIY level (moving sink and oven - currently electric range with gas hob, moving to electric double under and induction hob). Also feel there'd be an awful lot of tidying to do on the wall under the windows - I'm no plasterer.

    Also - extraction - what on earth is that hanging thing?

  • How on earth do you get plans to scale on that whatthreewords thing?

  • Here ya go... bit rough but an idea...

    LOL, just noticed I put an oven in front of the window.

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  • That’s illegal hob placement, need 30cm gap either side.

    Edit: put glasses on and I can see the black blob is not a big hob.

  • You're illegal, thats a sink....

  • Opticians appointment booked

  • Lolz... Handles, cabinet hardware, any ideas? I'm having trouble finding anything I like...

  • And again, presume not a good idea to put a dishwasher next to the oven (heat from oven damaging DW)?

    I don't think this is really an issue, ovens don't radiate that much heat, they're designed to keep it in. Also, dishwashers get pretty hot on some settings.

    I discussed it with a kitchen designer before who had put a fridge next to the oven and he said it's not really an issue.

  • A sink with no workspace either side seems like it would be really annoying.

    On the planner thing how do you add generic furniture? Attempting to try out a few sofa sizes and the only sofas I can find are specific branded ones with fixed dimensions. Sure it must be really obvious but I just can't see it. Cheers.

  • Could be, could not be, I saw a great tiny kitchen with a similar set up though, and a drying rack above.
    Generic items are listed, usually at the end of the product list when you furnish.

  • Way better, but no fridge now!
    I also don't like corner cupboards.
    Of course my example means a lot of stuff needs to change.
    But if you already have power for an oven it might not be too complicated to add enough power for induction?

    Hanging thing pretends to filter air, don't remember the model. Makes sense as you also get good light over the hob.

    Should really not be here anyway, as the modern kitchen is not where I live and what I have is a mid 90s bodged Ikea catastrophy in a rental.

  • do we have any energy auditors/heating experts on the forum

    I have calculated BTU requirements of a space + the BTU outputs of radiators within that space but space takes a long while to reach target temp and air can then feel cool when target achieved and rads go off. the space has: high ceilings; bifold doors/big glass kitchen door; plus two large openings to the rest of the house where heat can escape upstairs.

    my question is: would adding closures (e.g. shutters/door) + curtains/duette blinds over the windows significantly improve things?

  • Would it not be better to have the sink in the island thingy so you have prep space and put things that you're going to clean. Then the cooker on the back so that the electrics are all together and then you can run extraction up and over and out the window.

    You loose counter space next to the hob, but for that you can rotate round or if it's induction use one of the front ones to leave stuff on

  • Aye possibly, but it may not be legal.

  • The whole place looked like a render while empty because it was all grey and white. But only on photos.
    Reality is a confirmation that skilled people are rare (in Berlin).

  • 'ang about..

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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