How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • I seriously worry every time we go on holiday that someone will steal our (copper) roof.

  • Induction. Induction? Someone? I have nice cast iron pans but other than that, open to getting new sets. I'd like to wok. I'd like to use a griddle plate.

    I just feel I wouldn't get on with it. Someone reassure me?

  • i love induction and will never go back to gas

  • why doesn't it look right?

    Real terrazzo seems insanely expensive.

  • Personal taste, is very personal but fwiw I think the flecks are a little too big and contrast is a lot but that’s just me. 🙂

  • Think we had this discussion on the kitchen appliances thread and @Acliff looked into it quite extensively.

  • I mean they have stripped church roofs and coppers worth a ton more than lead.

  • they are definitely on the bigger side but it's for the floor and up the side of the wall where the toilet/sink back on to - so it's quite a lot of space to cover. My worry is with smaller flecks it'll be too busy on the eye

  • Yeah I'm not sold on the hinged return thing.

    Built in shower sleeves would mean building out so we'd lose 100mm of space in the shower, not keen on that.

    Top left is a corner cupboard, wanted something discreet - we don't need much storage in the room. We're removing the crappy old mirror cabinet to replace with a simple mirror & shelf.

  • I recently got a Smeg dual fuel 90cm multizone induction hob with 6kw gas wok burner.

    Its very nice, though the controls are not as tactile as having physical dials.
    Boils water super efficiently, excellent control of temperature.

    I'm in the hyper careful phase of not scratching the top, though as soon as I have a scratch on it, I probably won't care.

    My larger 'pasta/stock' pans look induction compatible but they are not, so I'm boiling water in a Le Crueset casserole.

    6kw wok burner is also very nice, works well with my round bottomed hammered carbon steel wok, and also for situations where the pan needs to move more (saute).

  • Have you seen imitation terrazzo in real life? It's like a low resolution / low contrast version of the real thing. If it's for the wall then you can have thinner tiles and it's basically the same price

  • Yeah this basically. It’s fine if you’re using it with a subtle pattern for a bit of depth but you can really tell the difference with the big pattern stuff.
    Terrazzo is also quite fragile.
    I kinda have the worst of both worlds, I got some subtle real terrazzo for my upstairs bathroom and I’m not sure I could tell the difference between the subtle fake stuff downstairs except it cost a lot more and was quite stressful getting.
    Whatever you do, get all the samples.

  • I've got a few samples of terrazzo effect and it's looked fine tbh. That said, the samples of the larger fleck stuff isn't as useful because the flecks are distributed over a wider space so a small sample size doesn't give as good as sense of what it is really like

  • Induction is absolutely fantastic. Would never have anything else.

  • Cool, where did you get them from? I had no luck with the ones we got.

  • Am I remembering right that you got them from diespeker? We went for bottom furthest right sample from terrazzo
    -tiles and apart from it costing £190 (which they don't tell you about until after you pay) for import fees and delivery it seems pretty straight forward.

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  • Thats the place, tbf once I actually went and picked mine up (only needed 9 tiles so didn't want to pay 50% of the tile price in delivery) they were amazing, friendly and gave me two extra tiles for free incase of breakages, which is very lucky as two broke.

    The hassle was actually getting the tiles, took about 5 orders with things turning out to be out of stock and then the final ones they had were 15mm too thick which they very kindly honed down (I guess they wanted shot of them and me by then).

    And here is another reason I started this thread, worth noting due to its fragility Terrazzo needs a more solid sub floor - if I had followed Diespekers recommendation it would have ended up 5cm higher than the adjoining floor! Luckily I got some cheeky tricks off my friendly neighbourhood architect and halved that.

  • Dunno about everyone else, but I can't help but feeling that having the toilet the thing you see if the door is left open is quite the right way to do it.

  • This really annoys me too. Our place currently has a far reaching view from the throne right down the landing, down the stairs and right out the front door. King of all I survey.

  • Type right? Isn't quite the way to do it? I'd agree, swapped the loo and sink round on my initial designs to avoid seeing a toilet as you walk up the stairs/from the front door.

  • so glad I'm finished w/most of this pish. I've got joiners in next week putting in wardrobes and moving all the stuff out of rooms to make space is giving me ptsd flashbacks of all the disruption already

    was shuddering at these pictures yesterday

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  • moodpboard pic for @chrisbmx116 outdoor kitchen?

    imagine the shit you would have had to endure if you didn't have rear access to the property like most of london's famous London! your neighbours have a tidy garden wall and extension.

  • they’ve updated the garden (and wall) since. it’s a passivhaus, I think. or as passiv as you can make a 1920s sandstone house

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  • Thought that was my outdoor kitchen for a but then I noticed thats a 700c not a 20inch.

    I have no access to the rear of my house/garden so have had to carry everything through by hand, about 1000KG of sand and hardcore and 1200 clay bricks, but as I am not soft and weak like those outside of the M25 it wasn't much effort.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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