How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • we had a grohe one like this in our last place and it was excellent - but i'm keen on brass fixtures this time round and grohe are a bit more traditional

    @Kurai i'm definitely not that flush

    britton looks like a winner

    edit: looks like britton heads/arms need to be used in conjunction with an internal/concealed mixer. Ugh.

    edit2: Although I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work?­/Hoxton-Thermostatic-Shower-Valve-Body#i­mage-3

  • Apologies if this has been covered upthread. If your new neigbour is doing major work, is it always wise to have your own party wall surveyor? Or is it safe to go with the surveyor they have appointed on the basis that professional standards mandate the surveyor should be independent?

    I'd like to save my new neighbour money, but wonder if I am being naïve.

  • Well... I would have said you can trust surveyors but after my experience I'd say you can't.
    If you are nervous maybe go with option 3 (their surveyor but want it all documented).
    I did option 2 for our neighbour for minimal cost and trusted them, our other neighbour is a cunt and complained and cost us 2.5K, then her surveyor was trying to pull loads of bullshit about us cutting her patio which was total nonsense.

  • just spoken again to my plumber and he says that we probably can do concealed valve/pipework which is good news

  • Do I need to get on the Forbo train? I think I'm looking for something like this for our lean to/gym/muga bit.

    Is Forbo the good value, diy, self levelling, sturdy floor finish I'm after or are there more economically viable alternatives?

  • We plumped for a wall mounted shower rose and this simple hand shower, we've got a grab rail going in so it'll look less cluttered this way... We're going a bit more space age with our aesthetic anyway! 🙃

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  • That looks decent, I think we're after something like that. Got a link?

    We used to have a combined unit like the previous page but never ended up using the fixed ceiling part which left the water to go manky and then you'd get a cold manky water shock when you knocked the wrong lever.

  • Googled Forbo and it seems to be mainly lino which isn't necessarily a problem. I just need to be pointed in the right direction for the proper forum approved VfM utility flooring options.

  • I think this one's made by an Aussie company, let me know if you're keen and my mate will give you a discount...

    I should be picking mine up tomorrow, happy to share more pics if you wanna see it up close and personal...

  • Think we're gonna go a bit more budget. Thanks though.

  • Yeah forbo are the original ‘lino’ brand I think and by lino I mean marmoleum which is the product being discussed above - traditional product made with natural materials - linseed oil etc - marbled finish but they also now do flat colour and textures etc. Often people use Lino to mean sheet vinyl or tile which is a different thing. Forbo do marmoleum click fit tiles which is their diy solution really. The full sheet stuff needs a really smooth floor to lay on (ideally self levelled screed) and special tools (rollers etc) to lay well.

  • It’s also really good for allergies and hygienic (well that’s what the blurbs say!)

  • Thanks, any thoughts on how it compares to a self levelling poured method? There's just so many choices out there i don't really know where to start.

  • I know its going to be a very compact shower, but I don't think a wet room will really work. I cant really think of any better layout than this to minimise how much of bedroom I'm taking. The tray is potentially 1200x760.

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  • Gonna bang your head on that sink when on the loo - maybe have sink and loo side by side?

  • Just seen that Grohe do 370x180 basin. That might help a lot.
    The toilet is limited by the wastepipe unfortunately.

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  • I rest my head on the sink when I have a hangover. Very cooling/soothing.

  • Can anyone think of a better layout for this bathroom please? Played with a few options but this seems best

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  • God that sounds nice...

  • Y U NO

    p.s. depending on scale you may be squeezing too much in, and opening a door to walk into a glass screen will feel odd.

  • bathroom is about 3.10 x 2.1 metres

  • bigger than most london lounges

  • Pocket door to slide behind (built out) shower wall + have a shelf in shower and I think it could work

    Do you have storage?

  • will have some storage underneath the sink, on the window sill. There's also a reasonably large built in cupboard directly outside the bathroom which is where towels and bedsheets will live, probably.

    do you mean a buildout for concealed shower etc, then the sliding door goes between that buildout and the original wall, thus opening up the other corner of the bathroom a bit? Interesting idea.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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