How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • This seems the best thread for suggestions on how to do rooms.

    I have this room which I'm struggling to work out the furniture for. It will be office/snug with a bit of storage. Looking to fit in a two seater sofa (or a couple of armchairs), a desk (min of 95x 65cm), a bit of storage space for shoes/coats (probably enough space behind the door for this) and a bit of storage for random stuff (documents, chargers, computer bits, etc. nothing that we want on display).

    Any bright ideas? Most of my ideas so far seem a bit cramped.

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  • IMO that’s always going to be a squeeze, but if you do want it all I think filling the alcoves with built in storage and a fold up and away desk is maybe your best option?
    Togo chair top left corner, assuming the Serif TV is in the front room?

    P.s. my og serif just broke 😭

  • I'd try something like this.

    If I could squeeze 606 in to that alcove, I would, but I suspect it's just too narrow for the 95cm width shelves that you would need for the desk. I'd have shelves above the desk for storing stuff like stationary, chargers, files etc.

    Sofa-wise, something small like this maybe paired with a footstool.

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  • Cheers for the suggestions and @Howard

    The desk needs to fit a 34" widescreen monitor (plus keyboard, mouse, etc) so nothing too small/folding will work. Looks like 606 needs ~98cm as it needs a bit of space to either side to fit the pegs. There's a chance that could fit (can't remember whether the dimension for that alcove I'd knocked off the skirting width) but the desk is only 55cm deep which could be a bit shallow.

    I hadn't thought of moving the sofa into the room, could open options up a bit more.

    I do like the Togo chair, would be an option by the not that often used patio doors as it would be low enough to not block the windows. Not cheap though.

    No TV in this room, my original plan was 60" tv on the chimney breast, surround sound and a reclining sofa but that was somehow vetoed.

  • I'd recommend wall mounting the monitor, should save loads of space... also projector projecting onto the left wall.

  • Like this...

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  • Oh also lamp by the Togo chair.

  • Anyone know where I can get a good exposed rainwater style shower in brass? Ideally brushed/unlacquered, not polished

    I've seen one by arezzo but they don't seem rated well at all

  • Idk if you know but lots will be plated brass (taps are). So if you want brushed/unlacquered finish then you can easily* strip it. If you want crisp brushing, then that might be harder to DIY so could require outsourcing.

    *obvs depending on how it's put together.

  • Arte Forme, Ec1 Bathrooms (20% discount)
    "Flow" is the simple modern style range­flow/

  • i looked there earlier but they don't do a fully exterior shower - their rainwater heads are all hidden style

  • i did consider this - for a small tap it is one thing but for a shower head it seems like a bit more trouble than it is worth

  • Crosswater MPRO? e: not unlacquered, but they are brushed.

  • Not seen these before - look good

  • They're what I had in the last place. They were nice.

    Britton Bathrooms do a visually similar, maybe slightly clunkier, range called Hoxton (shudder) at a lower price point.

  • I may be misunderstanding what you mean by rainwater shower, but all their shower heads attach to all their arms so you can mix and match (within a range at least) so you can have external or ceiling mounted (what you are calling internal?).

  • i'm looking for something like this

    not something that is hidden behind tiles, etc

    @6pt those look nice - thank you. Any experience of Britton as a brand?

  • Nope, sorry. Relatively active instagram account that features a lot of customer shots though.

  • Ahhhh.. not 100% sure about that style, but its possible, their site is hell to navigate.

  • I was tempted by a projector but the wiring is an arse.

    All these suggestions are making me wonder whether I need to buy some rugs.

  • Is it just me or do all of these showers look really similar?

    It’s not a look I dislike, but it definitely puts me off that they all look the same…

  • That looks very similar to the double shower we were going to get... Shame we've had to change it up, I really liked it...

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  • How different can you make a shower ? Also it’s popular

  • Probably about as different as you can make a bike, and there are whole forums for that…

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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