How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Fuck, I'm not. Am I endangering myself? Will my house reject the non-period-correct-aspects and I'll be left window and doorless? Here was me thinking I could just choose things I liked... What an idiot.

  • hm - the inside out thing is tricky to get right - I like the use of old school materials like brick, stone, quarry tile etc. But it's not as family friendly - tough but ouchy and smashy

    Id not spend a heap on posh wood floor with kids in the mix -too stressful - If I wanted wood id probs go the way of pine and accept it will get fucked / develop character / embrace the rustic.

    Forbo inside and granite setts outside looks okay - direct contrast - smooth to textured.

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  • OG inside outside - Peter Aldrington- Turn end

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  • But flies

  • like this alot - question for me depends on whether a side return would be worth it financially

  • You’re endangering yourself and those around you.

  • For us it defo has been. While only a small increase in floor space it’s dramatically changed the way we use the space.

  • from a practical POV, i can see the benefit - downstairs toilet/shower, small office/storage
    the space is about 2m wide. Suppose it will depend on the cost of the foundations living on a hill

  • That’s great but also turning the kitchen into a real social space for lots of people. Our place is too small for an island so it’s just a biggish room with large table and kitchen which has an uninterrupted flow through to the garden. Obvs we don’t have a social life now but the concept is solid.

  • Nice example on TMH this week of not doing a side return but knocking out the corridor so you get better dining kitchen connection.

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  • This setup always annoyed me in our old house - having a kitchen and dining table in the one space is so much nicer for me as I mostly cook

  • yeah this Delve one is one that got me into Forbo

  • Is this Forbo

  • Couple that with widening the openings and replacing the windows with big doors and you’re on to a winner for half the price…

  • Could well be - v. pretty

  • Other option is a concrete floor - how much less child friendly is that really? Surely all floors are hard?

  • I laid some rubber floor in our utility and it’s quite bouncy. Yet to check how well a baby bounces but defo softer than concrete.

  • You could go this way, screet/concrete and whilst the kids are young stick on some marmoleum.
    Once the fontanels are sufficiently joined, rip out the plastic garbage, polish, beautiful floor.
    Nice concrete pavement outside, outside and inside are the same but different.

  • This sounds like a good plan, quality lifetime floor under softer kid friendly stuff.

    Our 18m old climbed onto the bounced on the sofa and fell onto the floor the other day. Glad we didn’t get tile.

    Also currently just at the right height for running straight into the corners of the dining table, so everything has a rubber bumper at the moment.

  • Surely all floors are hard?

    Not really.

    Concrete is especially hard. As in you need to wear slippers hard. All dropped things break hard.

    I went to a nice flat in the Barbican a while back and it was some sort of vinyl rubber stuff. Shoes had to be removed and it was so lovely to walk on.

    I feel that concrete and kids is only viable if don't have custody.

    Looks good tho.

  • Form > function

  • It looked really good in a minimalist bachelor flat. Can't imagine it would stand up to stones in shoes or toys being dragged.

    I guess the point I was making is that in terms of creating a comfortable environment, feel affects the feel.

  • Function > accident report Form for nursery/school

  • Id not spend a heap on posh wood floor with kids in the mix -too stressful - If I wanted wood id probs go the way of pine and accept it will get fucked / develop character / embrace the rustic.

    Bamboo is (relatively) cheap + child-resistant for an interim solution.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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