How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • I've had forbo marmoleum. loved it, A++++ would install again

  • we're likely going with forbo marmoleum in our kitchen extension.
    (work started on Monday)

  • That’s where I was considering so would be keen to know how it goes if it’s alright. How does it cost up ?

    @cozey did you have it in the kitchen? Apparently it’s supposed to be more hygienic?

  • Wow.­street-ramsgate-ct11/

    I’m guessing this ground floor-to-roof void at the side of the house is some sort of architectural function from a warehouse or something? Or have the original floors been removed?

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  • Or have the original floors been removed?

    Description says part of the building was removed - presumably the original floor joists - and replaced with a steel beam structure.

  • Ah. Impressive. Would love to have the time and money to think about things at that kind of level.

  • Ha, yeah. It might have been that the existing structure was beyond repair or not fit for residential use so they had to do something. It was a boys school or something, maybe a warehouse before that.

  • I have forbo marmoleum in my kitchen and 9 times out of 10 spec it for high footfall staff kitchettes etc, it also works well on table tops provided the edging detail is done right... it's great stuff, the only thing I regret is going for a very dark colour and not ensuring that the sub floor was 100% perfect prior to installing...

  • Yes it is pretty impressive. The exposed pipe work in the bathroom is pretty naff though.

  • I hope you and @owl are planning on fitting these in 20s to 40s places...

  • yes - see series of posts here:­

    was very easy to keep clean and non-permeable

  • I can't actually remember why I didn't go for it in the end, I prob should have, I've only heard good things about it.

  • It's lovely stuff - about £25p/m2 i think. Needs a good flat screed under. On a roll so needs butt jointing or welding - have seen this go wrong so approved/trained installer is a must IMO. There are more diy friendly click fit floating tiles too.

  • Cheers thanks dude. It was the chat of kids etc that had made me consider it. The issue I’m having is that I’d ideally like one flooring type throughout the GF and for this to then flow out to the patio. Don’t want forbo everywhere but wondering if Douglas fir straight boards > forbo > patio might look a bit pony 😕

  • +1 for having patio and kitchen matching. If I could change anything it may be that.

  • I think it’s really hard because the flooring I like indoors is quite different to what I like outdoors. I think as long as the transition is smooth and finished well then it can work… that’s what I’m hoping anyway!

  • patio and kitchen matching

    too hard not worth the faff imo

  • any idea on what the ideal subfloor should be for marmoleum?
    we will end up with some concrete, some 1930s floorboards, a bit of terracotta tiling (old cold store), and a bit of boarded out flooring.
    the plan is to cover the lot in marmoleum, with some electric underfloor heating in the kitchen bit.
    I'm guessing I'll need to board out the entire area with 6mm ply or something?
    or is hardboard good enough?

  • This room is no end of bother to me.

    First of all, the door doesn’t currently open the way indicated - it opens the other way and the light switch is where the blue cross is.

    Second, the red line is a almost-room-width radiator.

    Unfortunately, pretty much the only way to usefully lay out the room was with the bed headboard up against the radiator. This allowed enough room to have bedside cabinets.

    The old way of organising furniture is redundant as today I had the horrible old fireplace knocked out and plastered over - this was to make way for a megalithic wardrobe/unit with drawers and cupboards covering that entire wall, more or less.

    Now that the fireplace is gone, I do wonder about revising that down to a set of two built-in wardrobes in the alcoves and having the bed headboard against the ‘south’ wall. Then flipping the way the door opens and moving the light switch.

    The only thing with doing this is that there isn’t enough length along that wall to also have bedside cabinets and power points are lacking, too. I find the idea of no bedside table abhorrently unergonomic.

    Basically I think I just need to stick with the current bed position and will persevere with the bigger (needed) wardrobe space.

    I might still flip the door and move the light switch. Then one day I’ll recarpet and redecorate properly - installing a vertical rad or pair along the wall where the rad is currently positioned - and another under the bay.

    Thanks for reading this nonsense.

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  • Skylights fitted today. Good day for it.

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  • Snap! Although I don’t have an impressive picture.

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  • Made such a dramatic difference. Flooring and steps down to the bathroom in the back dormer are pretty much done too so it's really starting to feel like a proper room up there.

  • Good stuff. Sounds like ours are pretty much neck and neck.

    Have got to go:

    Plastering - tomorrow
    Windows - next week
    Roof tiling - next week
    Bathroom tiling - next week/week after
    Second fix carpentry, electrics, plumbing all here and there for next few weeks.

    Seeing decorator and carpet layer at the weekend.

    I can’t wait to be using the storage space more than anything.

  • I think we started a few weeks before you but our balcony windows being delayed and bathroom suite getting cocked up has thrown everything out of wack a bit.

    I can’t wait to be using the storage space more than anything

    Ha, yeah we're going from zero storage to having an absolute cavern to chuck stuff in!

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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