How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • Check out Rupert Burdett or Roy Middleton, they don't have a huge internet presence. But have been in the bespoke carpentry game for years and have a workshop just behind Peckham Rye station.

  • Our cabinetmaker has quoted us $2,500 for our linen cupboard/vanity, we haven't gone into detail about the exterior but it'll be a veneered MDF no doubt... He built our wardrobe for less than two grand which I thought was great value... We are in the arsehole of the world but our suburb is a bit posh by local standards so we always get posh taxed...

  • All that effort and they stick that TV on it? ANIMALS.

  • Just had these fitted, MDF doors and birch ply for everything else. Each alcove was ¬£2300 inc VAT. Shopped around a lot and there is quite a range in price, but loads of people are not available till next year or later. Very happy with the end result.

  • How come these built in units tend not to go all the way to the ceiling?

    Is is practical, or design? Does it do something to the overall look of the room., etc?

  • We felt it made the wardrobes less imposing, stops the room feeling smaller and emphasises the ceiling height, but that's just personal preference.

  • Yeah, all the way to the ceiling definitely shrinks the room in that context. Good for long runs though.

  • also 2400mm - roughly - is the industry standard dimension.

  • Cheers.

    That makes sense.

  • Yeah as @Glws says, a standard sheet of material is around 2400mm so if you want taller you get a separate set of doors for the top section. You can get even bigger sheets but the bigger the door, the more likely to warp.

  • It doesn't matter as after a couple of years the dust and spiders fill the gap in.

  • Has anyone had Crittal style doors fitted? We have an existing opening to a small porch at the front of the house and want to make it lighter but also keep a door to retain heat. We're thinking Crittal style but it looks like a minefield of replicas etc - however they are appealing due to being a lot cheaper.

  • I'm currently getting a load of quotes in for crittal-style door and window for my kitchen renovation. Lowest quote so far is from Colin's Sash Windows. I don't suppose you'd mind sharing who you've been looking at and if any came in particularly competitively priced? Cheers

  • @owl sure, we got quotes for a 2.5m opening which were : - just over 4.5k (just delivery) - just over £7.5k (inc install)

    Both were steel Crittal replica's rather than alu.

    I can't spend that much on doors so I'm still looking!

  • @Simpson had some fitted down in famous (bad) London

  • I follow these guys on the gram, they seem to know what they're doing:­ltd/

  • Some people just want to see the world burn

  • Velfac are really nice and a good French door alternative to sliding/bifold.
    FWIW my Maxlight sliders were less than those quotes for a similar opening.

  • Another thought as I scroll through my feed ‚Ästthese guys do a lot of Hither Green/Catford/Greenwich locality stuff, looks tidy.¬≠ry/

  • Thanks, I've had quotes from Blacksteeldoors and Velfac too. Definitely leading us down the road of the 'heritage aluminium' options. The company I referenced above were less than half the amount of the steel options and look pretty decent re online images I've seen. Hoping to see in the flesh before pressing go but not sure if that will be possible...

  • Thanks will ad to the list.
    I found somebody out Bromley/chislehurst way who did some nice work and was happy to take on big or small jobs while browsing insta but stupidly I forgot to follow. ūü§¨

  • Has anyone looked at Forbo flooring before?

  • Talk to me‚Ķ
    Why did you not go for it? Where were you thinking of having it?

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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