How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • I think you would save about £5-7k of labour costs, which is considerable, but £10-15k seems a lot.

    You might save a bit on all your fixtures and fittings, and might over spend on things like radiators, nice taps, tiles, flooring etc.

    I have yet to convince my wife that this is a necessity:­net-moon

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  • For some reason the image on that page took ages to load so all I saw was the helpline number.

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  • Thank god, it’s hideous.

    And yeah, sorry meant savings all together, so no bathroom fitting.

    That’s a good few meals out at pizza express for sure.

  • The Eagle has landed. Right in your living room, with this stunning show-stopper.

    No it fucking hasn't

    Moon crater details bring the galactic theme vividly to life in one of our most unusual aluminium radiators.

    Yes fine but it's £3k. 3 fucking k! 37p per BTU!

    One of the exclusive Aeon Aluminium range finished in Textured Grey.

    Most exclusive. Textured Grey. Wow.

    Made from aluminium this luxury product comes with a 10-year guarantee.

    So generous

    If you have any questions please contact our team today.

    What is this, a moon for ants?

    Valves and accessories sold separately.


  • I don't want to spook anyone, but it appears the moon radiator pictures are FAKED.

    No doubt photoshopped in a studio outside Las Vegas.

    Doffs tinfoil hat

  • We really wanted a nice modern German style kitchen but they were all £30k+. Did the entire thing ourselves in the end, from an empty box to a full kitchen, plumbing and all. Electrics were easy as I had all the circuits available from old fitted kitchen. Really proud of it, and it came to £4k in the end, including all the high spec appliances.

  • £3k for a radiator is ludicrous.

    You can spend silly money on all sorts of household things though.

  • £4K for all the kitchen and appliance is cost saving magic!
    How long did it take you?

    Our kitchen units were about £5k (about £1500 of it were expensive corner posts, curved plinthes, curved units).
    Worktops and appliances cost a fair bit more however.

  • Took a few months to be honest, as we were both working full time and doing it on weekends only really.

    I took a chance on B&Q carcasses, which were the cheapest on the market by far. They were all precision cut, everything felt high quality. It is all melamine faced particle board regardless of who you buy from, unless you go to an actual carpenter and pay for wooden ones. The doors I got were really high quality for the cost B&Q Stevia which were MDF with a thick plastic gloss coating.

    I bought the oak worktops from a supplier on eBay for £300 total.

    Bosch washing machine £150 after Bosch rebate deal from PC World open box deals section in store.

    Bosch slimline dishwasher £180 from Facebook Marketplace, like new.

    IKEA Smaksak pyrolytic oven new in box in bargain corner, presumably a customer cancellation. Haggled it down to £250 from £500.

    The thing that saves you money with DIY is that you can go round at your own pace finding all the bits cheap with a bit of shopping around. With a tradesperson they are getting it all out of a catalogue, even with trade discounts.

  • I have a mate who has still not finished his kitchen after 10 years…

  • In new kitchen we're getting an induction hob on a kind of island/breakfast bar.
    Been told we can't fit an integral/downdraft extractor as it has the oven beneath the hob.
    Looking now at a ceiling extractor ducting to the outside, or not bothering with one at all above the hob and installing one in the wall instead.
    The current awful extractor is recirculating type and does not duct to the outside.
    Has anyone had recent experience of Building Regulations for hob extraction?
    Webz search suggests we don't need any extraction to satisfy Building Regs as current fan doesn't vent to outside and there's no extension work to kitchen, it's just a replacement.

    (BTW Thanks for the cabinet hardware much choice!)

  • Not sure on regs, but... are you having any other work that is notifiable? if not, who is going to know?!

  • don't have any insight on the building regs but we did this (installed wall extractor + induction hob on island.) no issues so far w/smoke or smells

  • Thanks - good to hear wall extractor may be enough.

    And probably best to stay schtum.

  • It's cool but horribly expensive & this glass tends to get milky over time, on or off.

  • one at all above the hob and installing one in the wall instead.

    Can you not box the ducting in on the ceiling?

    Depending on the type of cooking you do I reckon it would be well worth it. I'd also put in a wall extractor too.

  • That's what we were thinking of doing.
    The current ceiling is a false ceiling anyway and there's a kind of ledge so it would be quite hidden.
    We do use the hob a lot for boiling/frying meat/curry etc... so it does get a bit smelly

  • This is rough plan

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  • Which side is the external wall?

  • To the right of the picture (there's an open doorway then the exterior wall)
    following the line of the frame above the hob - if that makes sense

  • I never had an extractor fan in my old flat, no issues and no banging heads.

  • Almost none of my rental flats had real extractor fans. The whole house stinks of food. Cook a steak and fire alarms are going off upstairs as well as down. I fucking hated it with a passion.

    My folks have an overhead plus a wall one. Admittedly it's a small non-open plan kitchen. But it's great, and something I'd definitely mirror when the the time comes.

    I would always go for as much extraction as reasonably possible.

  • Another no over-hob extractor set-up here, and no issues. We do have a wall extractor, but it seems pretty ineffective so rarely gets used. The best for us is to open windows as necessary.

  • I don't cook dead animals so that may be part of not having an issue.

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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