How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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  • They truly are the artists of the building world 😂

    All the trades I've had in have been great tbf, I've just been calling them all directly and they've answered all my stupid questions and generally called me back straight away. The project management side of things otoh has been an absolute shambles.

  • How much of your overall budget is being held back for snagging?

  • How many bedrooms is the flat ? And this is the only bathroom?

  • 5% but we've also got work booked for a shower room put in on the 1st floor and the downstairs bathroom to be ripped out by them once the loft is finished.

  • I ask because if there’s still a decent wedge in it for them they’re less likely to pull a fast one. I don’t think it sounds like a terrible idea or one that will cause a lot of issues.
    The plaster being different levels of dry could impact the decorating but that’s one for an expert like @Airhead !

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  • 1.5 (bedroom plus boxroom, which we use as occasional guest accommodation plus regular bike cave).

    It's the only bathroom.

  • Interesting, could actually generate a bit of space in the hallway as the door swings outward just now.

  • Cheers, the existing door swing is out to the hallway so no bother keeping that as is, although sliding/pocket may make more sense.

    Agreed smaller sink, but by God the space feels cramped with the current sink position so my plans are a definite improvement on what we have now!

  • How would you heat the room if no towel rail? Low level rads? (Bear in mind the towel rail is existing).

    Yeah moving the soil pipe is a pain! There's no real way to do so other than run it under the floor, hence the step to the shower. Presumably as high as needed @aggi

  • Oh yeah @TW sadly combining bath and utility is a no go, due to requirements to support the utility walls in the flat above (would make it a warrantable work).

    Also the utility is currently my larder and coffee prep area which trumps all other requirements :)

  • Could you move the door to the bedroom and have a pocket door?

  • Nay, our superking bed precludes this (also mega awks when the in-laws are staying and have to use the loo during the night)

  • Depends on if it’s a stud wall but we now have 2 pocket doors, one in a slim shower room on a fairly narrow corridor, and one leading to our utility room, where a normal door would either obscure the fridge or obstruct the utility room.

    Don’t expect them to be as solid as a normal door though.

  • I'm not expecting them to pull anything just wondering what our options are. We'll probably get it it all done then and hope for the best. It's been 3 weeks with ones bedroom for us and our 2 babies and I don't think we can last much longer 😂

  • I'm in a similar situation. Changes to a room with a new window that we couldn't spec fully until an old one was removed. The builder said he would work with the window company so we were booked in but didn't which means we have a very long wait with no window. We have chosen to not plaster the wall with the window in until the window is fitted as I have no confidence the builder will work accurately enough to the spec of the window but I might feel differently if it was a loft firm fitting that type of window every month.

    We have the advantage of being able to comfortably live without that room for a few months though.

  • support the utility walls

    A couple of acros will see you right.

    No worse than the godawful copper pipe radiators that appear from time to time.

  • Haha I wish. Or does it just look shit? 😉

    Absolute Lofts. Very happy with it all so far.

  • No doesn't look shit at all! Just would not have expected you to be up there unless you were doing it yourself!
    Also builder does not look feral, like the lot who did my neighbours loft.

  • We are 2 weeks into our loft build and look to be in a similar stage to yours. Although your site looks a hell of lot tidier than ours! The labourer has been missing all week so there is crap piled up all over the place. Are you doing a L shaped dormer or just the single?

  • We also had some fun and games with the rain on Tuesday, walked into the bathroom at 7am to find water gushing in through the top of the window frame! Was not a good start to the day.

  • Haha. They are pretty well turned out, and to @motman 's point, tidy. Also just really friendly and helpful, with us and with the neighbours.

    He does offer for me to get up there, but those are his pictures. I've set up a whatsapp group with him and my wife so we can all keep on top of various aspects.

    It's an L shaped dormer - bedroom and bathroom - although we have since decided to make it three rooms - bedroom, smaller bathroom and a sort of study/storage area. The roof on the return is gone since that pic was taken and they are laying the floor for that room today. Second frame goes up on Monday and first fix stuff starts next week. They are really fast - this is day 7.

  • Yeah that caused a bit of a damp patch here, but thankfully that was just where the staircase is going anyway, so that ceiling has now been knocked out anyway.

  • Also, less golf thread cats folks, this wasn't set up to be boasting thread but a how to and help!

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How do I bathroom / kitchen / extension? etc.

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