Fixie to SS: freewheel advice

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  • My knees have finally convinced me to convert my fixie to SS.

    Naïve question but in terms of parts am I right in thinking all I need is a freewheel, such as the Halo Clickster (­6-halo-clickster-332-inch-single-freewhe­el/) to replace the fixie sprocket? I'm running a 17t and plan to continue to do so. Photos of current setup included in case they're helpful.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    Oh, and yes, I will also be adding a rear brake, and actually a new front one too as the venerable Weinmann Type 500 that's on the bike currently isn't great.

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  • Yep, a freewheel will go on to the same thread the sprocket does.

    In your case it doesn't matter but a fixed sprocket can't go on a ss specific hub thread due to the lockring but a freewheel is fine on a fixed thread.

  • Thanks v much 3c70; Clickster ordered!

    Am hoping I can complete the conversion quickly as I've got some Tannus tyres on the rims now that I'm really curious to try.

  • Just out of interest, if you're going to fit a back brake and therefore not going to be doing skidz any more, why do you need to change from fixed to SS for the sake of your knees?

  • No worries dude!

  • Being able to coast is very nice for your knees!

  • I guess it depends on your route. I don't enjoy fixed downhill (and obviously uphill it makes no difference), but once you've got a back brake I find it actually more knee-friendly than my other non-fixed bikes.

  • I've never tried back brake and fixed together. I agree, downhill fixed I'm not so fond of.

  • There will be a reduced number of threads enaged with the freewheel as the ones engaged with the lockring are smaller and left handed. It should work anyway.

  • I'm running a 17t and plan to continue to do so.

    Depends on the riding you do I suppose but I’d always gear down at least a little on a freewheel. You don’t have to worry about spinning out on descents so might as well make climbing a bit easier.

  • I used to live in Liverpool, which was (a) very flat and (b) had mostly pretty decent road surfaces (well, where I chose to ride anyway :-)).

    Now up in Lancaster and things are quite different. Descents are indeed not very enjoyable, and even with brakes when I need them I suspect I would be tempted to use my legs if I kept the fixed gear sprocket. Bumpy surfaces in many places where I now enjoy riding are proving a bit of a pain as well: I lift myself out of the saddle slightly to allow my legs to absorb the bumps but for obvious reasons find this much less easy on the fixie than on my geared road bike.

    I'd not considered gearing down; perhaps I should have and perhaps I will in future. Am hoping, for now, that since I find climbing with 42x17 quite doable keeping the gearing the same will help me maintain decent cruising speeds.

    Currently thinking of using the opportunity for a slightly more comprehensive conversion, away from the flat bars (too few positions for my liking) to drop bars. Many options there in theory but I'm constrained by the 25.4mm quill stem clamp diameter, so almost certainly Nitto or Soma. (Sure, could change the quill stem too but that's beginning to feel a little wasteful.)

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Fixie to SS: freewheel advice

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