• Started a consolidated CP thread for bikes and this, then as I started writing this post in that thread I realised how annoying it would be to go back through later, so new thread here.

    Short version - I'm building a workshop, it's probably overkill but I've committed now. So far all I've got to show a lot of work is some walls and a big pile of mud. Never done anything like this before so learning a I go.

    Here's some photos so far from original garden to now. First I had to clear out the top of the garden, move the old shed down, dig out foundations (by hand, like a maniac - deepest part was over a metre deep!) had ready mix pumped in and now built most of the walls for the base (Due to slope of garden I'm basically terracing as well as I go).

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  • Holy shit, you dug out all those foundations by hand. How long did that take you? Did you have some help?

  • Looks like a great project! Massive respect for digging that by hand!

  • I did indeed. Hard to say time-wise, I lost conviction halfway through and had like a 2month break when it was nice weather. Got motivated again just in time for the cold weather lol.. I'd guess in the region 40-50hrs? No help, just one crazy man, a pick axe and spade. Here's a pic from when I was digging the front wall which was the deepest

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  • Thanks yeah, I think I'm just weirdly lazy as in would rather start digging a big hole than to hire and then figure out how to get a digger all the way to back/top of garden haha (or just a cheapskate). Nowhere near as spacious as yours but should be sweet once done, will definitely be needing some tidy organiser stuff like you have made to make the most of it!

  • Following this. Very impressed by all the digging.

  • hats off to your digging, what are you going to do with all the earth you dug ou t?

  • Sick dirt halfpipe?

  • The second tier of the garden is slightly sloped so I'm planning level it out by raising it up (more digging and more/walls), hoping that I will be able to get rid of a lot of earth this way. Also some will go back inside the base walls under concrete and insulation . But that's probably very unrealistic so likely will end up as skip(s)/collection..

    Dirt half pipe is a big shout tbh.

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block 'shed' (which may end up better insulated than my house)

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