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  • So I’ve had a fair bit of time on my hands as of late and having been inspired by a few mates, I’ve made an attempt at making a few bags. I’ve literally never sewed before, the only experience I have was when my granny showed me how to use a machine when I was about 6. But all processes need to start somewhere and I’m a tactile learner so what could go wrong.

    First thing I could think to make was a musette because of the sheer amount I use the one I have when it’s tucked away in one of my pockets.

    So apart came my old musette to use as a pattern. I bought some 1000d cordura because I’ve got a few bags made of the stuff n it’s been pretty solid for me so far. Pretty happy with how it came out considering I pretty much guessed at how to construct it. Wish I’d stitched the strap on at a bit of an angle towards the top of the bag to fit my form better but that’s all things that can be changed next time. Another addition next time after doing a bit of post ride shopping would be an under arm strap to help stabilise it and obviously a closure system of some sort. This was super bare bones.

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  • I'm liking the musette, will you be selling them?

  • I also had a crack at a tool roll for some longer trips I’ve got planned in the future. I wanted to include some bits to build my bike back up after transport and some different tools to make my life better, ie, rotor truing tool. I want to modify it at some point to make use of the MASSIVE flap as well but that can come at another time.

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  • Will do at some point! Just trying to refine it and get some better versions down. Will be more to come

  • Next up was a little camera accessory porch. My friend Barney (@bitsbybe on ig) made me a camera strap with a stabilising strap to make riding with it easier but also made sure it had MOLLE spaced webbing down the strap so this helped a lot. I designed it to be able to hold a spare lens for my Praktica, a spare roll of film and my phone, but I also left a bit of space for anything from a spare cloth to a light meter n all that biz. Next time I’m not going to bother with the gusset and binding because that was way beyond my current ability.

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  • because that was way beyond my current ability

    Good reason to do it anyway!

  • Definitely a good learning experience. Going to have a go at making a riding jacket next so I’m sure some of the skills will come in useful

  • Cool! Are you using a pattern or just playing it by ear?

  • Completely by ear (intuition?) so far! Just trying to problem solve myself out of any situation I get into. It’s been really fun just trial and error

  • All looking good so far!

  • Thanks! I appreciate it

  • Back again! This time with an updated musette design. My first musette was definitely missing a few things I felt were vital such as a strap for keep it all stabilised and a bit of Velcro to keep it closed. I also thought to have a go at making MOLLE spaced webbing so I could convert it into a day bag and use it a bit more casual.

    MOLLE webbing was really time consuming and I struggled with keeping the stitching evenly spaced, but I feel like that will come with time and was definitely worth it!

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  • nice 3a3ts, is it interops compatible?

  • I’m not sure. All I can find on “interops” is an online casino? The spacing is 1.5” horizontally and 1” vertically

  • The acronym 3a3ts is is probably their most iconic bag

    Think they’re made by bagjack?

    Think you’d like acrs/ bag jacks bags, might provide some good reference points for you, similar ideas around modularity / look

    Molle/ 3 point slings/ light milspec influences/ refined execution

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  • Oh they’re cool, I’ve never even heard of bagjack before. Cheers for the references! Their 3 point system is really cool! I’ve already drawn up some similarly designed hip bags as well

  • i'd recc briefing japan, their messengers/ holdalls are v good, they use seatbelt esque webbing for this really thick/ robust molle, probably quite resistant, would be nice on the musette.

    really nice bags btw, the musette and accessory pouch especially, looking forward to the thread developing!

  • Yeah I was thinking about investing in a few metres of 2inch seatbelt style webbing for the straps for the added comfort especially. I’ll have a look into the more Japanese manufacturers!

    Thanks a lot tho man! I really appreciate it. Got a few ideas for garments as well so, onwards!

  • Little mini make yesterday was based on a bastardised pattern I made from my phone pouch for the past few years of working. Tried top stitching properly for the first time and the results are p good!! Nice to know my MOLLE webbing spacing is okay as well.

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  • This is the kinda thing I'd want!
    A slightly beefier looking musette

  • I’ll be making a few of them, so will shout you when I’ve got a few more made up.

  • These are really nice man, looking forward to seeing more!

  • Back for a late one! Spent the past couple days on a break thinking of some new ideas. Came up with a roll top sling bag design n wanted to use some scrap material. Pretty happy with the result considering it’s my first go at a roll top. Also added some straps onto the bottom for some external storage for maybe a bottle or a jacket. Defo more things to come next week

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  • Looking good! To tighten up those corners you’ll want to add a little snip in the panel that’s being folded, if that makes sense? This story from a couple weeks ago was a real Aha-Erlebnis for me. It’ll be easier to sew too, no excess fabric you’re trying to wrangle into shape. The other picture is a story of mine from a couple days back, the white one was from before I had figured out the snip.

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  • Thanks a lot man! That really does help. I really struggled with the material stacking up in the corners in that one so the advice is really appreciated!

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Bags and other things - A progression

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