• I'm just waiting for a gap in the rain to take some photographs of these, they're both the same yellow and I was planning on building up the CSi frame with Campagnolo Chorus to match the CX bike, but have to face the reality that I just won't ride either of them - I rode the CX bike last a couple of years ago, to do the Festive 500 over the South Downs (at which it was excellent).

    I bought the Fierte from Lincoln of Brixton Cycles, hence the full Campagnolo groupset, Zipp finishing kit and Mavic wheels (anyone who knows Lincoln will recognise his signature parts list).

    He sold it because it was slightly too large for him - he'd bought it because of it's rarity and taken a gamble on being able to fit, but it wasn't to be. I'm 187cm for reference.

    I would like £1,500 for the full cross bike and the CSi frame.

    Here's Luke's picture of the CSi frame:

    And some place-holder pictures of the Fierte (these are not my pictures either, but this is the bike):

    Note Campagnolo CX brakes - not Tektro:

    Ksyrium Elite wheels:

    The cranks are the Chorus CX cranks, which I am given to believe are rare.

  • The two bikes are the same yellow, but the CSi has red lettering, the Fierte has blue.

    I thought they'd look pretty sharp both with the same build kit, when side by side - you'd just need a mountain bike to complete the set.

  • Hi there

    Is the 56cm measurement from c-t (sear tube)? Thanks

  • On which frame?

  • On the cross frame sorry

  • c-c it's 56cm, c-t it's 59cm.

  • I really really reaallllllllly want that CX bike.

    God I DO, BUT my bank account says no.


  • And for clarification - either both of these go or neither of them go, they're too nice as a matched set.

  • Fetched the CSi, it has 57 stamped into the BB shell, so it's slightly larger than I'd thought.

  • Will Be first in line to take the csi if someone wants the CX bike and we can work out moneys

  • It's a shame you ride a 56 and I can't continue the trend of buying the things that don't fit you.
    You must be on the cusp of being able to ride a 58 frame?

    I agree that these two should stay together as a pair though. This is surely a great deal for the pair.

  • I'll wave the tape measure at both frames shortly, but I'm coming to the conclusion that they're both 57cm frames (despite the CX bike being stamped 56).

    I used to ride a 58 SystemSix, there's a thread around here somewhere on the bike.

  • Ah, I often see 56 frames up for sale that I really want but know they wouldn't be ideal as I'd have to fit a loooong stem.

  • On a road bike the longer and more slammed your stem the better.

    Realistically the minimum acceptable length for a stem on a road bike is 120mm, whereas the maximum acceptable stem length on a mountain bike is 35mm.

  • Fairly sure the CSI is 57cm square, it’s an excellent frame

  • Yes - although guess what, I can't find the damn cable adjusters, which I of course put in a "safe" place when I stripped the bike. I think they're in the garage, and I can absolutely picture them in my minds eye, but I can't fix where I put them in my mind.

    Luckily I have the other CSi to measure up if I have to make replacements.

  • Those were seriously expensive for what is essentially a ~1cm piece of metal sheet that’s been tapped. Definitely fabricate rather than trying to contact Serotta if you can’t find them

    Here it is set up for me at 183cm with a 100mm stem

    1 Attachment

    • E0D38F90-B5A5-490E-BCCF-49FEFB9F521E.jpeg
  • Meh, seeing it built makes me want it even more

  • maximum acceptable stem length on a mountain bike is 35mm

    I genuinely believe this should be treated as gospel

  • I need another pair of eyes to help validate, but the top tube on the CSi looks to be bang on 57, as is seat tube (both c-c).

    Cross bike appears to be 56 c-c on the seat tube but 57.5 on the top tube.

  • frame:

    nice build , I’d be interested in the CSI

  • I would love that CSi

  • Jeez - if they were 54/55 I'd have you're hand off - lovely!

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56cm Serotta Fierte Cross bike with full Campagnolo Chorus CX Group, plus matching 57cm Serotta CSi frame and fork

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